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January 18, 2017

4 Reasons Why to Choose Inner Good for Ostomy Supplies from British Columbia to Nova Scotia

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Excuse the run-on title. It’s a bit literal, but we’re hoping to make a point. For starters, yes, we sell ostomy supplies. But we don’t want to be pigeonholed as that, and that alone. Inner Good is far from a faceless online shop that simply hocks products at a discount for the masses that need them. We’re more than that.

Geography also plays a role here. Yes, we could throw our hat into the ring and attempt to be the Amazon of stoma products and supplies, shipping internationally across the world. Instead, we’re focused on our great country of Canada. We started from the Greater Vancouver area and have expanded our embrace to reach every single province, from coast to coast.

So, what makes Inner Good different from the rest? Let’s find out.

Four Reasons Why Canadians Look to Inner Good for All of Their Ostomy Needs

1. Location, Location, Location

We’re really hoping to hammer home this point. Canadians know that our geography is a big part of what defines us. The literal climate and landscape has made us a unique lot that enjoys the great outdoors unlike any other. It has created a lifestyle that only Canadians understand. Inner Good does not want any one of you to sacrifice anything in that life, even though you’ve had a life-changing procedure. We live in Canada, and serve Canada. Our product line and online resources identify with that. No other supplier can understand you like we do, and that’s because we live, work, and play, where you do.


2. We Want You to Be Healthy Far Beyond Maintenance

Many resources out there focus on health maintenance for stoma patients, and little more. We want you to go beyond a pure sustenance level of existence. We want you to achieve a level of health and wellness that exceeds that before your stoma. In fact, we want your health and wellness to be greater than that of most of the general population.

Sure, we cover the basics, such as antioxidant recommendations, common nutritional deficiencies (for ostomates), and more. But we tap into another plane, one that has you becoming a more fit human being. It’s time to shed that sole identifier of “stoma patient”.

It’s not just about achieving a maintenance level of fitness either. We have provided tips not only to excel to a higher level of fitness, but one on how ostomates can fulfill body building goals too.


3. We Want You to Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

 Some ostomy resources will have you thinking that you should live life while walking on egg shells. We say that way of thinking should be damned. Our checklist of ostomate new year resolutions includes perfect examples of what we’re talking about. As noted in item #1 above, you live in Canada. Take advantage of it! We have provided guides to snowboarding with a stoma and camping under the stars. Many people didn’t know that surfing with a stoma was perfectly fine until we released this article. The same goes for activities such as full-contact martial arts. Others have trepidations about venturing out into the world now that they have a stoma, but we want you to pack your bags and go, with this traveling (with an ostomy) guide in tow.

We’re not just blowing smoke here. We have provide real life examples of ostomates who are doing some pretty amazing things. View this recent article, and the one preceding regarding people just like you who are doing some extraordinary things.


4. We Go Where Other Ostomy Resources Are Afraid to Go

Let’s admit it. There are a lot of potentially uncomfortable conversations to be had when you have questions about living with a stoma. Heck, many of you may be afraid to broach some of these subjects with your own physician. InnerGood on the other hand encourages you to go all out, and wear your stoma on your sleeve. We’re not afraid to go there when it comes to these discussions. That’s why we have released a no-holds barred guide to having SEX with an ostomy. We don’t dance around sensitive subjects, whether discussing how to prevent embarrassing odors from your stoma bag or shaming those who have shamed ostomates in swimming pools. When it comes to all of the whispers in your world, InnerGood will be your voice, and shout it out loud on your behalf.

To conclude, we of course are happy to reiterate that we are indeed Canada’s one-stop shop for all ostomy supplies and supplements, serving every city and town from the west coast to the east coast. If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to contact Inner Good anytime. We are your open line of communication for all things related to living with an ostomy.


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