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January 4, 2017

New Year Resolutions for Those Living with an Ostomy

The new annum has arrived, and with it a slew of new year resolutions designed to make everyone’s life better. It’s a simple enough concept that requires nothing more than discipline to see success. But all too often these resolutions fall to the wayside. How do you make them stick? It all circles back to setting the right ones.

For someone living with an ostomy, resolutions are especially important. They present both longtime and new ostomates with the opportunity to break out of the mental and emotional constraints that have kept them (you?) from leading an extraordinary life. As per InnerGood’s mantra on the matter, we are here to set you on the right path in the new year. Below are 5 pledges that you can make, along with notes on how InnerGood can help you see them through.


Make Your Life Better by Following These 5 Ostomy-Conscious New Year Resolutions

1. Hit the Refresh Button with a Good Cleanse

Before you embark on your mission to achieve awesomeness, cleanse your body (and with it mind and soul) of the toxins accumulated in the year prior, especially those packed on during the holidays. Given that you have more unique nutritional requirements, you should not dive in to the fad-of-the-week detox plan. You put your physical health at risk. Instead, review this ostomy detox supplement regime, and take the findings to your physician for approval.


2. Get Fit

Say the phrase new year resolution and the first picture that comes to mind is the gym. Improving your physical fitness is one of the most worthy resolves out there. It is also the one most forgotten, weeks after the regime has begun. You see it all the time. Between January 2 (any year) and somewhere around early February your local fitness facility is jam packed with the well-intentioned. Then all of a sudden, that same gym becomes a ghost town. Perhaps it’s the arrival of Valentine’s Day chocolates? As an ostomate, you can become just as frustrated as anyone with the process. Day to day life (TV doesn’t count) can also get in the way. You need the right plan, one tailored to those living with a stoma. That plan should encompass core work, weight training, and a complementary fitness nutrition regime. Follow these four fitness tips for ostomates. If you’re looking to take your fitness to a whole other level, building big yet lean muscle mass, then have a look at this ostomate body builder supplement guide. If the thought of the weight rack and treadmill alone incites boredom and dread, consider adding ostomy-friendly swimming and/or martial arts to your new year fitness plan.


3. Travel More

Travel more, is also at the top of many new year itineraries. However, travel is one of the first things to take a hit in the months and years after someone receives a stoma. For the less informed, the process seems so cumbersome. It’s not your fault. Traditionally, there has been very limited information out there to guide you through it. Too often you read stories of embarrassing scenarios at airport security, mishaps on flights, and more. These can all be abated with the right plan in place. It begins by getting accustomed to ostomy conscious packing. Include these four things in your carry-on to ensure your trip goes without a hitch. Then, follow this five item checklist to globetrotting success for anyone living with a stoma. Happy travels!


4. Be Way More Adventurous

You can’t consider your life to be an extraordinary one without moving outside of your comfort zone. Break the chains of the mundane indoors and explore the great outdoors this year, by taking up (or expanding upon) a more extreme outdoor activity. Being an ostomate does not exclude you from this lot of action sport aficionados. All that it takes (once again) is smart planning. InnerGood has provided guides to surfing (view here) and snowboarding (read here) to get you started. Turn some of these adventures into overnight ones, by camping out too.


5. Have More Sex

Yeah, you read that right. Why not complete your new year resolutions checklist with a bang (no pun intended, honestly). In all seriousness, sex is a part of a healthy life for responsible adults. Embrace your relationship with your companion by giving your sex life a reboot. Sex after receiving a stoma comes with a set of challenges, some physical, but many of them emotional. This guide to having sex after an ostomy will forever change the way you look at the bedroom (or kitchen floor) so do yourself (and your partner) a favor and add it to your new year itinerary.

Wishing You a Happy (and Extraordinary) New Year!


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