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April 20, 2020

4 New Ostomy Supplies Canada Needs to Know About

Exciting new things to add to your ostomy supplies cart

In InnerGood’s never-ending mission to deliver ostomates in Canada with the most comprehensive and effective selection of ostomy supplies, we are constantly on the hunt for new products to improve your quality of life. After rigorous research and vetting, we add qualified products to our online store for your benefit. That said, we know we can’t ask you to stay on top of new ostomy supplies on your own. You’re out there living life to the fullest so who has time to hit “refresh” on our growing product page every day? That’s why we are taking it upon ourselves to feature new health and wellness wares that you absolutely need to know about. Here are some to add to your shopping cart in 2020 and beyond.

Four New Stoma Care Products Canadian Ostomates Need to Add to Their Health and Wellness Regime in 2020

Trio Siltac and Silvex Ostomy Seals

Trio Ostomy CanadaThere is no shortage of stoma barriers in our ostomy accessory store, but one new addition has everyone talking. Trio Ostomy Care stoma seal products have finally arrived in Canada, through InnerGood. Most notable are Trio Siltac and Silvex – two top of the line peristomal skin protecting seals that are unlike any other on the global market. That latter statement is no exaggeration, as Trio offers the ONLY mass-marketed silicone-based (vs a hydrocolloid mixture) ostomy seal in the world. View more about why ostomates in Canada are switching to Trio.

ConvaTec DuoDerm CGF Wound Dressing

ConvaTec DuoDerm CGF Dressing Canada

While there are dedicated stoma systems to address healing (new patients) and maintenance, those who experience peristomal skin problems find that wounds occur around the stoma too, outside of the initial “impact” zone. For instance, especially active individuals (those who enjoy sports and the great outdoors) may find consistently raw skin and ulcers under the stoma. This can keep you from doing the things you love – but thanks to an evolved ConvaTec product you will have found a wound care solution that will keep your rambunctious activity schedule going strong. ConvaTec DuoDERM CGF dressing system has been manufactured to promote healing while offering form-fitting constitution that can be worn up to a week without requiring changing. View more about this exciting new word care product.

Convatec Esteem Soft Convex

Convatec Esteem Soft Convex for Sale CanadaThere are notable advantages of using a one-piece ostomy management systems, where the pouch and adhesive base plate are combined. The benefits include the following:

  • They are less visible under clothes, which means you can spend less time worry about what to wear (fashion consciousness aside).
  • They offer a greater sense of security since the pouch and wafer/flange cannot be separated. 
  • More economical than the alternative, at least when you buy from InnerGood. 

Now that you’re sold on the concept, we look a recent addition to Convatec’s range of ostomy one-piece solutions. Having combined flexibility with shallow convexity and through the provision of a drainable pouch with three distinct plateau sizes, Esteem Soft Convex conforms to your body unlike any other. It also provides superior protection for sensitive peristomal skin, and is heralded as being more user-friendly than most one-piece systems. Lastly, Esteem Soft Convex system is appropriate for a variety of ostomates, including those with a colostomy, flush/retracted stomas, or ileostomy. View more about the features of Esteem Soft Convex.

Hollister INFYNA Chic for Women

Hollister Catheter INFYNA CHIC Canada ReviewFor urostomates who experience periodic issues voluntarily passing urine, an intermittent catheter is passed through the stoma to allow for draining. Many women report extreme feelings of self-consciousness about wearing an intermittent catheter, and put themselves at risk of complication and discomfort by opting out, but thanks to a new Holister product this no longer needs to be the case. Hollister INFYNA CHIC for Women has been fashionably designed for superior function and discretion, completed by a pearlescent finish with a satin sheen. View more about Hollister INFYNA Chic.

Do you want to keep informed about new ostomy supplies available in Canada through InnerGood? Check in on our weekly blog and follow our social networks (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) for updates. If you have any additional questions, including how you may qualify for FREE shipping or Direct Billing, contact our Support team today.

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