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October 25, 2019

Why Ostomates Feel Great About Convatec Esteem Soft Convex

Today’s product feature shines a spotlight on an exciting addition to Convatec’s range of ostomy one-piece solutions – Esteem Soft Convex. One-piece systems (where the pouch and adhesive base plate are combined) are preferred by many for a variety of reasons. For one, they boast a lower profile which means they are less visible under clothes, which allows you more options when you swing open your closet doors. In addition, since the pouch and wafer/flange are one-piece they cannot be separated which provides a great sense of security for wearers. Also, in most cases a one-piece system is more economical that its counterpart. Now that we have the benefits of a one-piece system out of the way, let’s look at why this particular Convatec product tops the shopping lists of ostomates across Canada.

What Makes Convatec Esteem Soft Convex One of Canada’s Most Demanded One-Piece Stoma Solutions

Conforms to Your Body

We’re beginning to see a world that doesn’t frown upon different body types, but frustratingly very few ostomy system providers have kept up with this trend. For far too long ostomates have had to stick (and not very well, mind you) with cookie-cutter barriers and baseplates, only to suffer from leaks along with skin irritation (more on this below) and embarrassing odors. Convatec stepped in to say “no more” with its cut-to-fit Esteem Soft Convex system which combines flexibility with shallow convexity and through the provision of a drainable pouch with three distinct plateau sizes:

Convatec Esteem Soft Convex CanadaSimply put, this product is designed to conform to varying stoma and body types to deliver a more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable wearable.

Provides Superior Protection for Sensitive Peristomal Skin

The custom cut-to-fit design of the Esteem Soft Convex system offers more than comfort and a better visual appearance, it directly helps prevent peristomal skin irritation. With greater softness, flexibility, and body-conforming anti-leaking technology the solution is more skin-friendly than nearly all other counterparts. You will save money and time that would otherwise be spent on stoma skin care product application to treat and repair irritations that occur with inferior systems.

More User-Friendly

Ostomates who prefer one-piece systems are clearly looking for a more efficient solution to minimize their day to day ostomy care workload. You’ll be happy to know that the Esteem Soft Convex system is about as user-friendly as it gets. For one, it has a easy-view window for more accurate positioning and observation. There is also an integrated filter to help minimize odors and the ballooning effect. In addition, the system has a safe seal clipless closure which helps make emptying and cleaning seamless, and includes ostomy support belt tabs for those demanding added security.

For Diverse Ostomy Applications

The Esteem Soft Convex system is for ostomates of all walks of life, and has been manufactured for the following:

  • Colostomy
  • Flush/Retracted Stomas
  • Ileostomy
  • Retracted Stoma

Still unsure if Convatec’s Esteem Soft Convex system is for you? Contact InnerGood support with any questions that you may have, including how to qualify for FREE shipping in Canada.

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