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February 18, 2020

Trio Ostomy Supplies Get Seal of Approval from Canada

InnerGood is proud to announce the arrival of a new premium product line, one that has garnered a lot of positive press from across the border. Armed with advanced silicone technology, Trio Ostomy Care is known for delivering the only silicone-based ostomy seal available on the global market. Within a few short weeks in our online store Trio has already found its way onto the tip of the tongue of ostomates in Canada. Before you complete purchase on your next order with InnerGood we urge you to consider adding Trio’s ostomy seal products to your shopping cart. Here’s why.

Why Ostomates in Canada Are Turning to Trio Siltac and Silvex Ostomy Seal Solutions

Benefits of Trio Siltac Ostomy Seal

Up until now, ostomates throughout Canada had a limited option when choosing an ostomy seal for stoma care. The option was not as effective as it could have been, as all products (aside from Trio) are manufactured from a hydrocolloid mixture. The end result has been and continues to be unsuccessful for approximately 50% of the ostomate population which still suffers from peristomal skin problems. This is validated by the mere existence (and high sales) of products dedicated solely to the correction of peristomal skin irritations and complications. Enter Trio’s proprietary silicone-based ostomy seal – Trio Siltac. Siltac offers an industry-leading solution for preventing leakage and protecting the skin around the base of your stoma. Trio Siltac Ostomy Seal provides ostomates the following:

  • Significantly reduced leakage 
  • Flexible, self-moulding application for custom fit
  • Quick adherence to skin  
  • Elimination of sore, red, itchy skin  
  • Silicone-based material prevents dissolving 
  • Extended wear time  
  • Easy removal with zero pain or trauma to skin  
  • Zero residue on the skin after removal, making for easier cleaning and changing

View Trio Siltac products available at InnerGood.

Benefits of Trio Silvex Ostomy Seal

Trio Silvex is the sibling to its popular Siltac product, offering all of the same benefits listed above. So what’s the difference? As the name implies, the product is for those in need of a more effective convex solution for difficult to manage stomas. 

A skin barrier is the most important part of your stoma pouching system. It prevents leakage, protects your skin from stoma output, and keeps your pouch in place. Those with a stoma opening above skin level who require support due to preexisting peristomal skin concerns such as surgery scars, folds, and so forth need a light curve to even out the landscape, so to speak. Trio Silvex silicone-based convex seal offers the comfortable and soft convexity many Canadian ostomates so desperately need.

View Trio Silvex products available at InnerGood.

InnerGood Canada’s line of Trio products is continuing to grow as we speak. You can view all current available supplies which complement the use of Siltac and Silvex here. If you have any additional questions, including how you may qualify for FREE shipping or Direct Billing, contact our Support team today.

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