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October 11, 2019

Hollister’s Catheter INFYNA CHIC Steps Up So You Don’t Stand Out

Hollister just released a new catheter that has people talking. With a name that sounds like it just stepped up on the stage at Toronto Fashion Week, INFYNA CHIC is redefining how women catheter users feel on a day to day basis. Let’s find out what the favorable fuss is all about.

Why Hollister’s INFYNA CHIC is Making Life Better for Women Who Wear Intermittent Catheters

The Most Fashionably Discreet Intermittent Catheter to Date

Those of you who are not fully familiar with what an intermittent catheter is, allow us to briefly expand on the concept. Intermittent catheterization is a medical procedure performed on patients in need of either short term catheter-based management of the urinary bladder or as a part of one’s daily regime for medical bladder emptying. An intermittent catheter is one that you only need to use sometimes, or for those who have had a bladder or urinary tract surgery and don’t want to wear an obtrusive bag. The latter speaks to demand for discretion, and that is something Hollister has taken to heart for women across Canada.

Infyna Chic offers women a solution that finally considers more than pure function, but also aesthetics – delivering a distinctive combination of pastel colors, design, and discretion that allows wearers to feel as if it does not intrude upon their lives. Yes, it was manufactured with significant input from clinicians, but on the surface it seems as if someone in the fashion industry was consulted too. We know, it seems as if we’re overblowing the en vogue angle in this product review, but honestly it’s the small things that count when it comes to accepting a catheter as a part of your life.

A Seamless Experience

Some people never get used to applying an intermittent catheter. Hollister knows that too, which is why they’ve also created one of the easiest to use versions yet. Quick on the draw, the Infyna Chic catheter case can be opened and closed with even the most delicately manicured hand. It does not leak liquid when re-closed, which means you can get back to business soon after handling. The catheter funnel is effortless to grip and the catheter is removed from the case with ease.

Dependable with Superior Functionality

Niceties aside, function is of primary importance. Again, this is Hollister we’re talking about, so you know your in good hands when it comes to this breakthrough product. As dependable as ever, this new Hollister catheter boasts just the right stiffness (while maintaining comfort) to help support effortless and touch-free insertion. The length of the catheter gives you added confidence that your bladder will be fully drained. If using a bag, you’ll be pleased to know that you can attach a collection bag without removing the catheter from the case.

Hollister Catheter INFYNA CHIC Review
Hollister Catheter INFYNA CHIC – Free shipping to anywhere in Canada when you make a purchase.

This top reviewed catheter from Hollister is now available in Canada, through InnerGood. View available Infyna Chic sizes, or contact us today with any questions you may have about this product and to ask about FREE shipping.

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