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April 6, 2020

3 Supplements Canada Can Turn to Help Boost the Immune System

Promoting immune system health has never been more important. However, the normal immunity boosting activities that Canadians typically enjoy have come to screeching halt. For one, the ability to exercise has been hampered by the closure of fitness facilities and calls for at-home isolation. Sleep, which is another immune health supporter, has also been negatively impacted as people across the country are experiencing high levels of anxiety – a precursor to insomnia. Many Canadians also have limited access to nutritious foods as a simple walk to the grocery store has added to their growing list of fears. Then there’s fear itself – one of the worst enemies of immune health. When people experience anxiety they release the stress hormone cortisol which has a direct, immediate, and destructive impact on the immune system. The bottom line, is that you need an alternative way to support your immune system during this trying time. This is where online access to natural health supplements comes in.

Three Natural Health Supplements Canadians Are Buying Online to Help Support a Healthy Immune System

Thorne Research COVID-19 Care Package

Thorne Supplements that Help Boost the Immune System

This is an all-in-one natural health product (NHP) solution that comes in the form of a care package. Thorne Research is one of the newest and most reputable powerhouses in the Canadian NHP market. Their growing market share is occurring organically as people across the country are learning about the success the manufacturer has had in supporting the health of people all over the world. 

Thorne responded to the COVID-19 crisis quickly, and made available a Vitamin C, D, and zinc rich (all BIG immune system supporters) product offering that you need in your pantry.  View the complete COVID-19 Care Package here.

Metagenics Benesom 60 Tablets CanadaMetegenics Benesom

While this product does not contain hefty amounts of the vitamins and minerals found in the Thorne care package that we addressed above, it plays an important role in immune system health for another reason – it promotes sleep and a restful state of mind. If you recall our introductory paragraph then you know that sleep and *anxiety reduction are critical components of immune system wellness. Metagenics Benesom accounts for this.

The product includes passionflower (aka incarnata), skullcap (aka scutellaria baicalensis), lemon balm (aka melissa officinalis), valerian root, hops (aka humulus lupulus), melatonin, and a proprietary blend of supporting minerals that you need not only for better rest, but overall health. Your immune system will thank you for introducing it to Metagenics Benesom. View more on this Metagenics product here.

*See also: Metagenics Serenagen for stress management

Metagenics Ultraflora Balance Canada Probiotic - 120 capsules - Shop Online at InnerGood.caMetagenics UltraFlora Balance

Metagenics’ probiotics products may be best known for success in gastrointestinal health, but they are also integral in immune system support. This is especially true of Metagenics UltraFlora Balance. The reason, is that this proprietary product is rich in a beneficial bacterium known as Lactobacillus acidophilus, or L.acidophilus. L.acidophilus is known to increase a positive immune response to vaccines, which may become very important in the months to come. But even today UltraFlora has some tremendous applications in boosting immunity.

It contains Bifidobacterium Lactis, or B. lactis, which has gained renown in its ability to limit frequency and severity of respiratory diseases. Even more relevant to current health concerns, is B. Lactis’ role (backed by numerous studies) in immune system support for the elderly. This is one product that you absolutely must buy for your household and the loved ones who depend on you at this time. View more on Metagenics UltraFlora Balance.

All of the products above are currently available at InnerGood. Contact us today if you have any questions about how to qualify for fast and FREE shipping.

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