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November 21, 2019

Thorne Research Now Available at InnerGood Canada – Why You Should Care

InnerGood is proud to announce the addition of the Thorne Research brand to our growing line of natural health products (NHP). From the moment the products hit the online shop we’ve seen a flurry of activity from Canadian consumers in the know (i.e. those who follow our social networks for important announcements). Why all the fuss? Let’s find out.

3 Reasons Why Health Conscious Canadians Are Excited About Thorne Research Natural Health Supplements Being Added to InnerGood’s Inventory

thorne supplements canada - logo1. Thorne Research Participates in Clinical Trials


One telling feature that something may be amiss when it comes to the validity of labelled NHP ingredients and health benefit claims is when the brand refuses to allow their products to be a part of clinical trials. We can tell you right now that Thorne Research is not one of them. Instead, the NHP provider has thrown its hat into the ring to participate in clinical trials to prove their confidence (quality and quantity) in listed ingredients and potential health benefits. At any given time, at least 40 Thorne Research products are being tested in clinical trials around the world. For example, Thorne Research recently completed a randomized, placebo-controlled, four-month trial in conjunction with Dr. Mark Houston of the Hypertension Institute for their multi-ingredient supplement LipoCardia®, which was thoroughly tested and found to be safe and effective for maintaining healthy lipid levels.

Thorne Research also launched a peer-reviewed journal or clinical therapeutics nearly 25-years ago which you may recognize – Alternative Medicine Review (AMR). AMR provides an unbiased platform for NHP experts to critique health product research or trials, their design, and findings before the results are published. Throughout this peer-review process, Throne products have undergone rigorous scrutiny and validation. In addition to the aforementioned Hypertension Institute, Thorne has developed strategic working partnerships with trusted research groups such as the Mayo Clinic, the Johns Hopkins Institute, and Columbia University, among many others.

Thorne Research’s “Pure Ingredients. Trusted Results” is no tagline, it’s a statement that clinical trials stand by.

2. From Soccer Mom/Dad to National Soccer Team

Thorne Research natural health supplements span from general health and wellness to high-performance products. They manufacture about three-dozen NSF Certified for Sport® products to provide athletes with a natural performance-enhancing solution – no banned substances allowed! At press, Thorne is a performance nutrition partner with the UFC, 12 USA National teams (Olympians included), and has worked with the Golden State Warriors during their 3X Championship reign. But no matter how big Thorne’s resume with professional and amateur athletes may be, the core of their business is focused on YOU. Individuals and households across Canada and North America in need of nutritional support to stay healthy, perform day-to-day duties and improve their overall quality of life turn to Thorne Research. And now their products are more accessible thanks to InnerGood. Keep reading.

3. Improved Health Supplement Access to Canadian Consumers

In the recent past, Canadian consumers had trouble gaining affordable and efficient access to a wide inventory of Thorne Research health supplements. The demand has been there (and continues to grow) but Canadians simply could not fill their alternative medicine cabinets fast enough. But now that InnerGood has broken down the wall you can now get Thorne Research products delivered right to your home, at more competitive prices complete with FREE shipping on orders over $100 in Canada. View our extensive inventory of Throne Research natural health supplements and/or contact our support team today with any questions you may have.

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