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December 9, 2016

Ostomy Gifts Part II – Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Those Living with an Ostomy

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Now that you’ve picked up some ostomy-conscious Christmas gifts for your loved one, and taken advantage of our holiday season promotion, it’s time to nab those essential stocking stuffers. The science (yes, it’s a science!) behind stocking stuffers is simple enough. They should include a mix of essential and fun items alike, without breaking the bank.

However, it’s the small gifts that can cause the biggest headache. Too many choices with too little time. Fret not last minute shoppers, as Inner Good has taken the time to narrow down a list of smalls that anyone living with an ostomy will appreciate.

Your Ostomy Stocking Stuffers Buyer’s Guide for the Holidays

NutraSea Fresh Mint Softgels

Have a minty Christmas with this hybrid nutritional supplement. Part breath freshener and a whole lot of omega-3, this high DHA marine-sourced supplement is good for heart and brain functioning in addition to the other touted benefits of omega-3. Your recipient will love the fact that NutraSea practices responsible marine stewardship.

The fresh mint flavor, leaves no fishy aftertaste, and gets them ready for moments under the mistletoe. Consult with your nutritionist and/or physician before consuming. View more.

Ascenta SPARK (Your Brain)

Nutrasea | Ascenta SparkWith the new year around the corner, resolutions are soon to follow. In addition to getting physically fit, many are looking to learn more, read more, and do more that requires brain power. Give them a head start, with Ascenta SPARK.

This product includes a recipe of six active ingredients that Ascenta claims to support brain health and cognitive functioning. Among declarations include enhanced memory and focus. Consult with your nutritionist and/or physician before consuming. View more.

Tena Body Wash & Shampoo

Body care items for the bath make great stocking stuffers. If your ostomate has recently received a procedure, they need to be mindful of the body wash and shampoos that they use.

Tena’s solution is a mild, pH 5.5 formula that is non-irritating or drying to fragile skin. It also leaves hair soft and silky! View more.

Hollister Apple Scented Spray

You and yours will be heading out to many events and gathering during the holidays through to the new year.

Arm your loved one with the best odor eliminator on the market, one that carries a scented cachet appropriate to the season. Hollister’s M9 Odor Eliminator apple scented spray is the solution! View more.

Nature’s Way Cranberry Fruit Caps

Keep things festive while helping your ostomate maintain a healthy urinary tract. This Nature’s Way product contains all the natural active ingredients of cranberry juice (without added sugars). Consult a health care practitioner before use if you have a history of kidney stones or are taking blood thinners. View more.

Chocolate Mint Vega Sport Protein Bars

Vega Sport Protein Bar Chocolate MintChocolate mint is the flavor of the season. This holiday favorite can be delivered in a nutritious form, right into your ostomate’s stocking, via Vega Sport’s chocolate mint protein bars.

This one will really be appreciated by fitness buffs and gym rats, with a sweet tooth! Buy a box, keep a few for yourself (you have our permission) and drop a few bars in the stocking.

PhytoBerry Protein Bars

Since nutritional bars inherently make such good stocking stuffers for ostomates we’d thought we’d throw in another option. Give them a berry Christmas (sorry) with Progressive’s delicious PhytoBerry bar, which contains 15 grams of protein and over 1,000 mg of high ORAC fruit concentrates. This all-natural bar is flavored and sweetened with ingredients from the earth. View more.

Handmade Custom Ostomy Pouch Cover

Our holiday gift guide listed a new ostomy bag with a custom cover. If you’re opting out of the new pouch option, a seamstress/tailor made ostomy bag cover on its own would make a great stocking stuffer. Again, you can also tackle this task on your own if you have some talent with a sewing machine, or you can browse around Etsy stores for unique options. The best bet is to make something that really matches your loved one’s personality. For example, if your ostomate is a world traveler, how cool would it be to design a cover that mimics the look of a well-travelled suitcase, complete with vintage postcard/sticker designs on it? The more creative, the better!

View our complete product line to take advantage of our 20% off w/FREE shipping (on orders over $100) holiday season promotion. Enter GoodD3al at checkout. Contact Inner Good if you have any questions about this deal, or anything else.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays Everyone!


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