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December 8, 2016

Ostomy Gifts – Holiday Gift Guide 2016

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From St. John’s to Vancouver BC, everyone is preparing for the arrival of St. Nick. And what a wonderful time of the year it is, with Inner Good extending its Cyber Monday sale into December and through the season. That’s right, we’re offering 20% off and free-shipping on ostomy supply orders over $100!

Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or shopping to stuff an ostomate’s stocking or gift bag, you’ve stumbled onto the right stash. But sometimes, so many options can be daunting. That’s why we’ve put together a quick list of can’t miss gift ideas for the holidays.

Four Great Gifts Ostomates Will Appreciate this Holiday Season

1. New Ostomy Bag w/Custom Cover

This gift idea is two-fold. Start with the necessity. While not exactly exciting, your ostomate will certainly appreciate a brand new ostomy pouch. Be sure to do your homework ahead of time and find out which type of system they use. Next comes the fun part. With the new bag in tow, take it in (for dimensions) to a professional seamstress/tailor that specializes in unique projects. Of course, if you have talent in that capacity, you can follow instructions on how to sow an ostomay bag cover. Your recipient will love the personal touch of the latter! Find a fun pattern that speaks to a passion of theirs, or use a popular holiday theme (snowflakes, etc.) to make it even more seasonally appropriate. If you’ve hit a stumbling block, Etsy has a pretty good selection of ostomy pouch covers.

2. Body Care Gift Basket

A personalized gift basket of skin care products is a fantastic idea for anyone. When it comes to ostomates, a dedicated one shows you’ve really been paying attention. This includes a selection of skin protection items, moisturizers and lotions, in addition to freshly scented drops, sprays, and tablets. Once you’ve purchased all of the body care items, find a wide base wicker basket, throw in some seasonally decorative accents (make it sparkle!), and wrap it all up in red or green semitransparent cellophane. Tie it all together with a big bow and place it under the tree

3. “Big Island” Style Christmas Gift Basket

Estruim Tropical Mango PowderIf your ostomate prefers their holiday season on the islands over snowcapped mountains, then this big gift basket idea is for them. InnerGood carries a delightful selection of nutritional supplements (which they need) in tropical flavors (which they love). Start with a base of Progressive VegeGreens Pineapple Coconut. Add Megagenics Estrium Tropical Mango. Throw in Vega Sport’s Energy Acai Berry (especially for the osto-fit and osto-buff). Cap it off with some Progressive Organic Coconut Oil. Follow the same wrapping instructions noted above, and place it under the tree too.

4. Bake Them Nutritious Holiday Goodies

Progressive VegEssential ChocolateRedefine holiday baking while giving your ostomate what their body needs and their tastebuds crave. Inner Good carries an extensive line of Progressive® nutritional products. Progressive®, is known for their downright awesome recipes. Using Progressive VegEssential Chocolate as the base, follow this fudge brownie recipe, and top them with their favorite Christmas candies. Fudge also makes a terrific holiday baking gift. Using Progressive Organic Coconut Oil (sneak it from the gift basket above?), add WheyEssential Chocolate with WheyEssential Berry and follow this 10-minute recipe. The only hard part, is not eating the gift yourself (make some extra, just in case). View more of Progressive’s recipes here, and add a holiday touch with peppermint or other seasonally sweet and savory flavors.

Be sure to place your order early to take advantage of our 20% off (and free shipping) holiday promotion and to ensure that the gifts get to your address (from Vancouver Island to PEI) in time for the holidays. Contact us if you have any questions whatsoever.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays Everyone!

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