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April 17, 2017

Best Ostomy Products for the Hygiene Conscious

Were you very hygiene conscious before your stoma procedure? Then you likely are more so than ever before today. Even if you weren’t the type to carry a cleanser, body spray, or scented lotion in your purse, sling bag, or backpack before you received an ostomy, chances are that your perspective has changed quite a bit. And for all of the skin care recommendations and tips to keeping scents in check, there’s nothing quite as comforting as being equipped with an arsenal or products that will help you maintain an optimal hygiene regime. Today, InnerGood is here to arm you with a product list that should line your bathroom cabinet and fanny pack (yes, we’re hoping those make a comeback).

5 Top Products for Hygiene (Especially Odor) Conscious Ostomates

Hollister Adapt Lubricating Deodorant

adapt-78500Hollister is a leading brand in hygiene care for those living with an ostomy. This product should top your list of must-haves. The key, is that unlike many ostomy pouch deodorants on the market, Adapt springs into action by effectively neutralizing odors in and around your appliance, instead of masking the scent with a perfume (which can combine to make matters worse). In addition to the superior odor-neutralizer, the product contains a pouch lubricant that assists in keeping your stoma bag interior clean by allowing you to easily empty your drainable pouch system. This not only helps prevent obnoxious odors now, it helps prevent them throughout the day. View more on Hollister’s Adapt Lubricating Deodorant (currently on sale!).

Hollister M9 Odor Eliminator Drops

Odor Eliminator DropsOne of the best ostomy hygiene brands continues to build a legacy with its 240 ml (8 0z) M9 odor eliminator drops. M9 doesn’t care if your odor has nine lives, it nips it in the bud and keeps it from rearing its head while changing or draining your pouch. The drops (10 to 12 for good measure) are easily placed within your colostomy or ileostomy bag and directly eliminate odors within and when your bag is emptied. They are to be used with every change or pouch draining. View more on Hollister M9 Odor Eliminator Drops.

Convatec Diamonds Gelling and Odor Control Sachets

Convatec Diamonds 420791 | Diamonds Gelling and Odor Control Sachets | 4 Ways to Avoid Sharing the Odors from Your Ostomy BagThis 100-pack product packs the punch you need to stay comfortable, clean and odor-free. The easy-to-use sachets are placed (un-opened) directly within the opening of your empty ostomy bag. Diamonds Gelling Sachets features Convatec’s trademark ActiveOne Odor Control which reduces or eradicates excess gas. It thus serves to reduce ostomy bag ballooning, which not only helps eliminate the risk of leakage and odor escape, it creates a more discreet pouch. The product is appropriate for ileostomates and those with a liquid stool output. View more on Convatec Diamonds Gel Odor Sachets.

Hollister M9 Odor Eliminator Spray – Apple Scent

Hollister m9 Odor Eliminator SprayThis is one of the most popular ostomy hygiene products and is often found in steady supply in hospitals to control patient odor. For one, the crisp apple scent is a big plus for those especially conscious about smell. But the 240 ml pump spray is much more than a diversion. Like the drops (listed above) it neutralizes unpleasant odors, rather than masking them. Carry this product around with you at all times and you’ll never again feel concerned about how other perceive your hygiene. It is also available in unscented, in case you don’t like apples. View more on Hollister’s Apple-Scented M9 Odor Eliminator Spray.

GEL-X Absorbent Tablets and Deodorizer

gel x absorbant tabletsThis 140 tablet bottle will throttle your hygiene woes. The formula solidifies liquid waste (inside of your ostomy pouch) into gel, trapping odor until you easily expel it from your appliance. It also effectively promotes healthier peristomal skin, reduces occurrence of leaks and ostomy pouch noise while helping you maintain a lower overall profile as it applies to your hygiene concerns. View more on the GEL-X Absorbent Tablets and Deodorizer product.

Note: Skin care is also an important part of your daily hygiene regime. Have a look at these five products (including body powder, wipes, and skin barriers) that will keep the skin surrounding your stoma clean and irritation free. If you have any questions about the products addressed here, feel free to contact Inner Good anytime.

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