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March 9, 2017

Ostomy / Stoma Skin Problems? 5 Products You Need to Know About

One literal irritation that ostomates have to face from time to time is skin problems around the stoma. Sore and irritated skin can occur from a number of causes. There may be a change in the shape or size of your stoma (did you lose or gain weight?), which can be problematic when it comes to positioning your flange, resulting in leaks that can irritate the skin.

Skin damage can also occur when you remove the flange and find friction with the adhesive. A poorly fitting flange can also result in waste getting stuck at the top of the pouch, pancaking between the adhesive and flange which can introduce bacteria into the sensitive area and cause problems. Then there are your day to day activities and adventures that can get in the way of your normal stoma care routine.

Whichever the case, irritated skin at the stoma is severely uncomfortable and can have a detrimental impact on the health of your stoma when it goes unchecked. Thankfully, there are products that you can apply to help abate this concern. Keep reading.

5 Ostomy Products That Will Help Prevent and Repair Irritated Skin at the Stoma

3M Nexcare 112 - Skin Crack CareNexcare Skin Crack Care

This multi-use skin crack care product is perfect for the maintenance of the skin surrounding your stoma. The invisible formula is easy to apply, does not sting, dries quickly, is long-lasting, and includes a waterproof sealant that promotes the healing of skin cracks. The key ingredients in this product are Vitamin E and tea tree oil. Studies show that Vitamin E promotes healing and may be used on the skin once the wound has healed and new skin has formed. The latter applies well to anyone who has recovered from a stoma operation and wants to maintain skin health after-the-fact. Numerous studies have also shown that tea tree oil (also known as Melaleuca alternifolia) exhibits promising antibacterial effects and is thus commonly used in wound healing. View more on Nexcare Skin Crack Care here.

Coloplast 0505 - Sween Body Powder 227gSween Body Powder

This easy-to-apply skin care product is a natural corn starch powder that will help relieve the discomfort of chaffed skin and minor skin irritations around your stoma. It works to absorb moisture and perspiration in skin creases without caking, reduces friction, and prevents shearing. It is a long lasting powder that also acts as an effective deodorant. View more on Sween Body Powder here


Coloplast 0925 - Protective Liquid Skin BarrierColoplast Protective Liquid Skin Barrier

Consider this product as a second skin (where needed). The clear film is applied to the area surrounding your stoma, forming a breathable barrier that protects against irritants common to ostomates.

These irritants include adhesives and waste leakage. Because the liquid skin barrier is latex-free, you do not need to remove the film between applications. This is one of the easiest yet most effective forms of skin care for your stoma. View more on Coloplast Liquid Skin Barrier here

Coloplast 12020 - Brava Skin Barrier SprayBrava Skin Adhesive / Barrier Spray and Wipes

We’ve combined four products in one here because as a quadfecta they pack the punch you need to keep your skin irritant free. Brava’s Adhesive Remover Spray offers an easy solution to remove your base-plate in addition to any adhesives remaining on the skin. It does so without compromising the adhesive needed to apply your next appliance. The sting-free Adhesive Remover Wipes complement the same process, allowing for a more focused application on smaller points where adhesive remains. The Skin Barrier Spray and Skin Barrier Wipes help reduce skin problems that are associated with stoma leakage and adhesive. View more on Brava’s Adhesive Remover Spray here, the Skin Barrier Spray here, the Adhesive Remover Wipes here, and Barrier Wipes here. Buy picking up this bundle you immediately qualify for our FREE shipping on orders over $100 promotion!

3M Micropore™ Surgical Tape 1530-0 (1/2" x 10 yards) Box of 24 rollsMicropore Surgical Tape

Surgical tape is not just used around dressing when your wound is healing. Many ostomates have discovered the handy uses of medical tape on an ongoing basis. Some use is to replace traditional wafer extenders (although it is not recommended as an effective alternative to commercial wafer extenders). Others use it to keep their pouch flat and close to the skin and/or as a protective barrier under the wafer. Again, we don’t recommend medical tape as an ostomy-life-hack for all of your sticky needs BUT if you do apply it in these contexts, use a surgical tape that offers gentle adhesion, is hypoallergenic, conformable, breathable, and reliably secures devices to skin. View more on Micropore Surgical Tape here.

If you have any questions about these products, their application, special promotions, and/or shipping, we welcome you to contact Inner Good.

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  1. Do you have samples of these products would love to try before I buy? I’ve been having trouble with cracked irritated skin and need to find something that will help.

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