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Skin Fold / Intertrigo Treatment at Home Through Coloplast InterDry

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By definition, intertrigo is a common inflammatory skin condition that is caused by skin-to-skin friction that intensifies in the presence of heat and moisture. Heat and moisture occur within the recess created when one layer of skin persistently folds over another. It typically exists under the breast, between the toes, in the groin, and between abdominal folds. The general population references this condition as a “skin fold”. However, given that you’re online and searching for “intertrigo treatment at home”, you’re familiar with the medical name. And this fact infers that you know what it’s like to live with relentless rash, inflammation, oozing, maceration, and crusting.

Are you ready to put an end to the condition that has crippled your quality of life for far too long? You’re not alone, as WoundsCanada reports that 20% of home care patients live with intertrigo, although it’s not exclusive to disabled and elderly individuals. Risk factors are numerous, including hyperhidrosis, obesity, and diabetes mellitus among other concerns. It is especially prevalent through hot and humid summer weather common to certain regions across Canada.

With everything above out of the way, we can now answer your query about the best at-home treatment solutions for intertrigo. One key support system is found with Coloplast InterDry. Here is everything you need to know about this essential intertrigo management product.

Why Canadians Suffering from Skin Fold / Intertrigo Complications Turn to Coloplast InterDry to Improve Their Quality of Life

InterDry Targets All Four Underlying Causes of Intertrigo

Intertrigo Treatment CanadaThe four primary causes of this inflammatory skin condition include moisture, friction, fungus, and bacteria. Traditional therapy such as anti-fungal powders, creams, and linens target only up to two of these causes, which ultimately leaves the condition unresolved. 

InterDry on the other hand boasts patented four-fold technology, with each addressing all four causes of intertrigo simultaneously. The product features moisture-wicking fabric with antimicrobial silver. These features draw away and translocate moisture, reduce friction, and fight both bacteria and fungus. As a direct result, wearers enjoy significantly reduced symptoms of erythema, pain, rash, denudement, satellite lesions, and odour.

Easy to Use

Intertrigo Treatment at HomeThere’s no waiting to get a prescription filled for this effective intertrigo treatment. In addition to not requiring a prescription, the cut-away (with scissors) InterDry fabric is easy to apply within skin folds. Once the skin fold has been lifted, lightly cleaned and patted dry, the pre-cut fabric is placed within the affected area. Natural pressure from the skin fold may hold the fabric in place for bedridden or confined individuals, but it can also be secured with skin-friendly tape and/or tucked under clothing. The process is just as easy upon removal, with the fabric being lifted away for prompt disposal. 

Each piece of InterDry may be used for up to five days (contingent upon hygiene and general skin condition) so that you don’t have to repeat the routine every day, even when removing and reapplying before and after bathing. Furthermore, you don’t have to (nor may you) use this product with creams and powders. InterDry is a one-stop solution for at-home intertrigo treatment.

Also Works for Skin Damage Caused by Skin-to-Device Applications

InterDry is not just effective for inflammatory skin conditions caused by skin folds, it may also be leveraged for those caused by skin-to-device applications. Examples include those who have damaged skin from trach ties, blood pressure cuffs, heel suspension devices, cervical collars, and central lines. Watch this video for instructions regarding the application of InterDry for skin-to-device-based conditions.

It Works Fast

You’re searching for intertrigo treatment at home because you demand a solution that works fast. You’ve got a life to attend to, and don’t intend to be a victim of skin fold complications any longer. You’ll be pleased to know that InterDry (when used as directed) provides complete and rapid relief of symptoms in just 5-days! 

The only remaining delay is to be found in indecision. Act now by adding Coloplast InterDry to your cart right here at InnerGood Canada.


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