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May 17, 2017

Ostomy Supply Brands You Need to Know About Part I: Nutritional Supplements

Anyone living with an ostomy for over a year is quite familiar with the most popular ostomy supply brands for pouch systems and accessories. Where there isn’t a lot of clarity, is the realm of diet and nutrition, in particular with respect to supplements. Not being provided with proper education on this topic is concerning, given the importance of a strong supplement regime for living life to the fullest.

You have to contend with a unique set of nutritional deficiencies as an ostomate, and so combing through your local pharmacy or health & fitness store won’t quite cut it. Staff behind the counter or roaming the aisles is likely not informed on your distinctive needs. But that’s not the only problem. Brand recommendations from brick and mortar shopkeep are often tied to supplier relationships and profit margins. Some important brands may not even make it to their shelves because of this. You and your health should not have to pay the price for this marketing behaviour.

Inner Good, on the other hand, has curated a line of supplement brands to serve your interests and your interests alone. Let the following list help you load up your cabinets, carry-ons and gym bags with supplement brands you can trust, without the bias.

Note: Before consuming any supplements from the brands below be sure to receive clearance from your physician.

Three Supplement Brands that Ostomates Can Turn to for Their Nutritional Needs


Ostomy Supply Brands Supplements MetagenicsMetagenics products are our best selling supplements. This is not because of online positioning or discounts. Heck, their brand packaging isn’t even all that eye-catching. It just happened naturally and when the ostomate public speaks, that’s saying something.

We have delivered numerous articles on supplement recommendations for stoma patients with varying needs. The creation of each list was backed by significant vetting. On every list, Metagenics products were evident. For example, in our piece about top protein supplements, Metagenics’ UltraInflamX protein powder and UltraMeal Rice Protein Bar are notable in providing that muscle building nutrient you need. There’s also our article on best supplements for pregnant women, where Fem Prenatal leads the pack as a complete multi-vitamin and mineral supplement designed exclusively for expectant mothers. Moving on to recommended supplements for children living with an ostomy, and we see the brand’s dedicated UltraFlora for Children and UltraCare for Kids. How about top antioxidants to battle free radicals? Their E-400 Selenium and Ultra C 1000 take the top spots there as well.

We could go on and on but it’s clear that when it comes to supplement diversity to accommodate ostomates from all walks of life, Metagenics is it. View our complete line of Metagenics products.

Ascenta Gealth NutraSea

Ostomy Supply Brands Supplements NutraSeaNutraSea is a specialized supplement brand that makes this list for a very good reason. They have developed a solid portfolio of ultra-pure, high-quality, and flavorful omega-3 products in addition to plant-based algal formulas. Why is this so important to you, an ostomate?

Your stoma (and the area surrounding it) is susceptible to skin problems. It can impact your health, confidence, comfort – your life. While the right appliances and accessories can assist in overall stoma skin protection, supplementation is important. Omega-3 supplementation can play a big part in both prevention and repair of skin tissue concerns, with NutraSea products leading the pack of recommended supplements. Omega-3 with EPA and DHA is also important to your overall health. It can assist in wound healing while serving as an inhibitor to inflammatory responses. It also helps facilitate immune system care. In addition, studies have shown that Omega-3 DHA is strongly linked to behavior and learning in children, which is why NutraSea also finds its way on our list of top supplements for children living with an ostomy.

As you can see, omega-3 is important for ostomates and NutraSea is a brand that delivers this essential fatty acid as well as any. View our complete line of NutraSea products.

Integrative Therapeutics

Ostomy Supply Brands Supplements Integrative TherapeuticsDetoxifying and cleansing can be an important part of healthy living. When it comes to this practice (upon approval from your physician) you’ll be hard pressed to find a better solution that Integrative Therapeutics supplements. Among those cleansing products you’ll find their two-week detox product, the Whole Body Integrative Cleansing System, along with Calcium D-Glucarate and Para Gard.

Integrative Therapeutics offers more as a supplement brand. They have a full range of the vitamin and mineral products that you need. In addition, they have superior formulas in the form of high-potency probiotics for maximum support of gastrointestinal and immune health, including Enterogenic Intensive 100 (here). The brand also offers a line of herbal solutions to ease your digestive woes, including their Mentharil intestinal comfort formula which includes oil extracts of peppermint, rosemary, and thyme to support gastrointestinal function, reduce gas, and sooth overall discomfort. View our complete line of Integrative Therapeutics.

Do you have any questions about the above supplement brands? Contact Inner Good for more information on our line of ostomy products, supplies, shipping, return policies and more.

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