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April 19, 2019

Introducing Coloplast’s SenSura MIO Concave 2-Piece to Canada

In the seemingly never-ending search to find the right ostomy supplies for you, you will have uncovered a number of brands, all claiming to offer the solution you need to live life to the fullest. Some come, some go, but one mainstay you can trust is Coloplast. After all, they are reputed for delivering some of the most advanced ostomy products on the market. Never resting on their laurels, Coloplast continues to develop and employ patented technologies to make life not just easier, but awesome, for people with “deeply personal and private medical conditions”.

Well, they’ve outdone themselves again, with a new range of ostomy products known as SenSura Mio Concave, and in particular a 2-piece click system that we are featuring today.

3 Reasons Why You Need to Add Coloplast’s New SenSure MIO Concave 2-Piece to Your Ostomy Supplies List Today

1. It Adheres Your Body Profile Even Better

There’s little more frustrating for an ostomate than when a baseplate doesn’t fit the unique contours of their body. Coloplast has taken feedback from the public and worked tirelessly to solve this problem once and for all.


For the first time, a baseplate has been fabricated and designed to explicitly fit the varying bulges, hernias, curves (bold and beautiful alike), and profiles of the body. The uniquely curved and star-shaped baseplate will fit securely over your body form, with the “petals” of the exclusive shape hugging your body without any creasing or folding effect. The ring itself will stabilize the central zone so that your stoma gets the support it needs, and it will guide you to where to apply pressure while fitting it to your body. In addition, the Coloplast’s special elastic adhesive and fit-zones will follow your body’s movements, whether shifting in your office chair or jogging along the beach during summer vacation. There is nary any other product on the market that ensures better contact between baseplate adhesive and your skin.

The product has been described as being akin to a starfish firmly grasping a stone or pier piling, refusing to remove its clutches as the tide dramatically rises and abates. Sounds about right.

2. Product Sizing Options Specific to Your Profile

Coloplast recognizes (possibly better than any other) that every body, and thus outward body profiles, are different. That is why the the SenSura Mio Concave 2-piece click baseplate is available in four sizes, including small, medium, large and extra large, and accommodates all pouch sizes, baseplate hole sizes, baseplate hole types, and delivers enough units per package to make sure your covered:

Ostomy Supplies Canada | Coloplast SenSura MIO Concave-2-Piece-Click

3. You Probably Qualify for Direct Billing for this Essential Product

We encourage you to shop around and perform an online search for this new Coloplast product in Canada. You’ll find that the price averages above $65 CAD, that is until you find the Inner Good product listing, which is just over $62. But not only do we offer you the most price competitive solution for this (and all) ostomy supplies, there’s a darn good chance that you qualify for direct billing. Whether you land under BC’s PharmaCare to Ontario’s Assistive Devices Program, either all or the bulk of your SenSura MIO Concave 2-Piece purchase will likely be covered by your provincial plan. And, since Inner Good offers direct billing for Coloplast products, you may not have to part with a penny when trying this exciting new ostomy solution on for size. View more on direct billing options as they apply to your provincial plan.

If you have any further questions about the SenSura MIO Concave 2-Piece system, or any other  ostomy supplies relevant to your needs, contact Inner Good Canada today.

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