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June 19, 2017

Coloplast Sensura Reviews from Real People – Mio Soft Convex

There’s a darn good reason that Coloplast’s SenSura Mio Convex tops the list of top stoma appliances and accessories that you need to know about. But first, a bit more on the concept of a convex.

For ostomates, the term convexity references an accessory that extends into the peristomal skin to provide an effective seal around the stoma. To be effective and prevent leaks (and thus skin irritation and infection), it must have a superior grade of elasticity. This ensures that the accessory will stretch and flex with the skin around the stoma as your body moves, twists, turns, and flexes. That’s the gist of it. So what makes the Coloplast Sensure Mio Soft Convex so superior?

The Mio Soft Convex is a product of Coloplast’s revolutionary BodyFit technology. Revolutionary may be a bold word to throw around, but in this context it is true. The tech and subsequent product features a fully adaptive convex that integrates what are called flex lines. These help to make your stoma protrude, keeping skin folds apart while providing flexibility that allows your body to move in comfort. When we say “move” we don’t mean a trip across the living room to find the remote. Instead, we mean move as in run, jump, hike, paddle, ride and do the twist or the hippy hippy shake. The BodyFit technology also allows the accessory to fit over a hernia, protruding scar tissue and not-so-smooth skin folds.

OK, you get it. Inner Good loves this product. But we also sell it so how can you be sure that it truly suits your needs as an ostomate with every day responsibilities and activities to contend with? Well, let’s consider every day people, people that mirror you and what you expect from your life.

The following takes a look at real life successes for those who switched to Coloplast SenSura MIO Convex. You’ll note that the reviews are in Danish (as Coloplast is a Danish multinational company) but thanks to Inner Good, Sensura Mio products are now more widely available in Canada than ever before. Perhaps you too will one day have your own Coloplast Sensura reviews featured here on Inner Good. Until then, we hope you enjoy the following stories from fellow ostomates.

What Real People Have to Say About Coloplast SenSura Mio Convex

Horseback Riding, Mountain Biking, and Living – Meet Gitte

“The difference is amazing. I feel freer and I worry a lot less about leakage”

We love this advocate’s spirit. Gitte has got grit, and hasn’t let her colostomy slow her down one bit, thanks to the support that SenSura Mio Convex gives her. On any given day you may find her riding a horse on the open plains or hitting the wide open roads on her mountain bike.

Keeping Up with Two VERY Active Sons – Meet Soren

“When I first tried the product…when I put on the barrier…it’s so incredibly comfortable”

Having a very short-stoma via an ileostomy, Soren knows what it’s like to contend with frequent leaks. But he also knows he can’t let that slow him down, being the father of two highly energetic sons that have him dropping everything to play soccer or badminton at less than a moment’s notice.

All Walks of Extraordinary Lives – Meet the Rest

 “You’ll forget you’re wearing it”

Who do you identify with? Vivien (ileostomy) the painter? Egon (colostomy) who is an avid kayaker? Perhaps you’re more like Sommer (ileostomy) who jogs to and from intense CrossFit classes before going to work. Whichever the case may be, you’ll find that the new SenSura Mio product is truly a convex without compromise.

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