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January 28, 2018

Best Metagenics Products for Ostomate Bone Health

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Low bone mineral density (BMD) or low bone mass is common in patients with inflammatory bowel disease. Studies have also shown that below average BMD is common in patients with ulcerative colitis, even after a colectomy and ileal pouch–anal anastomosis. In fact, evidence continues to mount in support of the fact that nearly all ostomates are at an increased risk of bone loss. Given the challenge of delivering adequate nutrients to combat low BMD, it’s clear that ostomates must look to nutritional supplementation as the solution. And when it comes to health supplements for ostomy patients, there is nary a better brand than Metagenics. So without further adieu, let’s find out which Metagenics products you can use to improve your bone health.

Disclaimer: Consult with your physician before taking any of the supplements below.

5 Metagenics Products Those Living with an Ostomy Should Consider to Combat Low Bone Mass

1. Cal Apatite Bone Builder

Metagenics Cal Apatite Bone Builder® - 270 TabletsThis product provides a superior form of bone health support, thanks to microcrystalline hydroxyapatite concentrate (MCHC). MCHC is an exceedingly absorbable crystalline compound that provides for everything an ostomate needs to develop and maintain healthy bones. Cal Apatite Bone Builder is backed by over three decades of research, providing patients with the confidence they need (w/physician approval) to increase bone health. MCHC is composed of naturally occurring calcium, phosphorus, bone growth factors, collagen, in addition to other vital bone proteins and trace amounts of essential minerals. View more on Cal Apatite Bone Builder, including Cal Apatite for vegetarians, the latter of which have an even greater challenge in getting adequate bone nutrients.

2. Glucosamine Sulfate

Metagenics Glucosamine Sulfate 750™ - 60 TabletsKey findings show that daily glucosamine-sulfate administration can accelerate early phase of fracture repair, with increased new bone formation and osteoblast lining. The studies therefore indicate a correlation between glucosamine-sulfate supplementation and bone health. One effective ostomy nutritional supplement that fulfills this need is Metagenics Glucosamine Sulfate.

This superior product has been designed to help reinforce healthy joints and other connective tissues by providing glucosamine—a naturally occurring compound that plays an important role in building cartilage, the connective tissue that cushions your joints. View more on Metegenics Glucosamine Sulfate.

3. Mag Citrate

Metagenics Mag Citrate™There are numerous studies (this one included) that prove the link between healthy muscle mass and healthy bones. It’s therefore logical that ostomates look to nutritional supplements that will provide nutritional support for healthy muscle function. This is where Metagenics gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly Mag Citrate comes in. This product contains microcrystalline cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, cellulose, stearic acid, and an optimal dose of magnesium, a cofactor in many enzymatic reactions that play a key role in muscle function in addition to bone health. It’s important to conclude with a note that your dose of Mag Citrate should be explicitly prescribed by your healthcare practitioner. View more on Mag Citrate.

4. OmegaGenics

Metagenics OmegaGenics™ EPA-DHA 500 - Enteric Coated (60 Softgels)Omega 3 EPA-DHA is important for a wide variety of ostomate health needs. While you may not associate omega-3 supplementation with bone health, there are many studies creating a strong case for this super-supplement, especially when it comes to younger ostomates.

During the formative years, it has been demonstrated that omega-3 is positively associated with an increase in bone mineral density. That means subjects with a higher concentration of omega-3 fatty acids in their body will build stronger bones during the peak years for bone density formation. This sets the stage for superior bone health later on in life. So you can see why it is so very important to ensure young ostomates receive omega-3 supplementation, especially when you consider the fact that our bodies cannot manufacture omega-3. But even if you have passed your formative years, you should take note that new studies have shown that low levels of omega-3 in the blood stream may lead to the increased risk of bone fractures in those of advanced age. Simply put, ostomates of any age can benefit from omega-3 supplementation, and one of the best omega-3 EPA-DHA supplements on the market comes from the fine folks at Metagenics. View more on Metagenics OmegaGenics products.

5. BioPure Protein

Metagenics BioPure Protein®In addition to calcium and vitamin D supplementation, dietary proteins deliver key nutrients needed for ostomates bone health. Several studies show to a positive effect of high protein intake on bone mineral density or content. Where can you find a high quality protein that considers the unique needs of ostomates? With Metagenics’ own BioPure Protein supplement. This product is a bioactive, pure whey protein concentrate that provides nutritional support for ostomates who need to add a high grade protein to their diet to help promote overall health, which includes better bone mineral density. View more on BioPure Protein.

In addition to the bone health supporting products above, Inner Good carries a wide variety of Metagenics supplements, many of which will apply to your unique dietary needs. Let your physician be your guide, then return to choose from our ever-growing line of Metagenics products. Contact us to find out how you can qualify for FREE shipping, and with any other additional questions you have.

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