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July 11, 2017

BC PharmaCare Ostomy Supplies and Benefits – Brava Elastic Barrier Strips Now Eligible

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Elastic barrier strips are an essential accessory for ostomates. They add an extra layer of security for your appliance, keeping them in place, minimizing potential for roll-up, and provide longer wear times.

Traditionally, medical tape was used for this purpose, but proved to be fruitless for anyone extending beyond day to day “at home” activity. Plan on traveling or going mountain biking or jogging this summer? Putting in some extra time with the kids, grandchildren, or niece and nephews? You need barrier strips. But not just any brand will do, especially if skin protection is paramount. The product must be able to secure the position of the baseplate using an elastic technology that follows your body contours and the unique movements that it makes during any activity. Thankfully, Coloplast, a leader in ostomy, continence, urology, wound and skin care, has applied their dedicated skin care science to develop Brava Elastic Barrier Strips.

The groundbreaking product accomplishes exactly everything addressed above, and ostomates from all around Canada have sung the praises of this well-reviewed stoma accessory. However, residents of British Columbia have had one barrier to access when it comes to barrier strips – PharmaCare. That is until a few days ago when the product landed smack dab onto Health Insurance BC’s list of ostomy supplies covered by PharmaCare.

What Inclusion of Brava Elastic Barrier Strips on PharmaCare Means for Ostomates in British Columbia

PharmaCare covers ostomy supplies for BC residents who have undergone a surgery that results in a colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy and where a stoma appliance is required. But this coverage is not automatic. To be eligible, you need to be covered by one of the following:

    • Fair PharmaCare
    • Plan B – Permanent Residents of Licensed Residential Care Facilities
    • Plan C – Recipients of B.C. Income Assistance
    • Plan F – Children in the At Home Program

Most of you will fall under the Fair PharmaCare category. If you’re not yet registered, unsure if you are registered, or are concerned that your plan may have expired, you may review and complete the registration process online here.

Once you have registered, you will be pleased to find that BC PharmaCare covers most ostomy supplies. And now as of June 19 (2017) that “most” includes elastic barrier strips and tape. Just like that, your life is about to get a whole lot easier with a cost effective solution to stoma skin protection with the most superior barrier system on the Canadian marketplace.

Simply order Brava Elastic Barrier Strips from Canada’s most trusted ostomy supply resource and submit your receipts with for reimbursement. See our full product line up in our Coloplast online shop. Feel free to contact Inner Good‘s customer care team to learn about how you may qualify for free shipping too!

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