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April 1, 2020

Providing Canada with Peace of Mind During COVID-19 – Open Letter

Dear InnerGood Community,

InnerGood is on the front line to support the health and wellness of people across Canada. In turn, Canadians have come to depend upon our organization to provide and quickly ship products to satisfy medical supply and dietary needs. We take this responsibility seriously and during a health crisis we know that you need us more than ever. We want you to know that we are absolutely committed to maintaining the continuity you’ve come to rely on.

We’ve been monitoring the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak from the beginning of the year and have proactively taken steps to buffer our inventory, secure efficient shipping channels, and put contingency plans in place to adapt to evolving circumstances. We continue to offer lower prices and discount promotions while maintaining free shipping on qualified purchases. Our customer service and support team continues to work tirelessly to fulfill your orders and to field any questions you may have during this uncertain time. Beyond that, InnerGood has stepped up to provide peace of mind to Canadians in other ways.

What else are we doing? 

Out of an abundance of caution and to maintain the health of our staff and community while mitigating the slightest potential for contamination we have implemented the following precautions:

  • Strict business travel restrictions for our staff, particularly for airline travel which includes domestic flights.
  • Sales and customer support teams will remain actively engaged in servicing customers via phone and digital communications. 
  • Operations staff will remain actively engaged with suppliers, vendors, and partners via phone and digital communications. No in-person meetings are permitted over the next two-months. 
  • All staff, suppliers, vendors, and partners will exceed hygiene “best practices”, increasing the frequency of the cleaning and disinfection of products, product packaging, vehicles, and facilities.

As a distributor of medical supplies and natural health products in Canada, we proactively:

  • Monitor inventory levels
  • Monitor consumer orders to prevent hoarding
  • Identify consumer demand through data and analytics
  • Increase inventory levels for products with existing or anticipated spikes in demand
  • Monitor all shipping channels and create contingency plans should one channel fail
  • Provide numerous customer payment options

As news around the current health crisis evolves, so will InnerGood. We will continue to offer a wide inventory medical supplies and natural health supplements while ensuring prompt delivery to our valued customers across Canada. Stay tuned for updates in addition to health and wellness tips by subscribing to our weekly blog and following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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