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February 14, 2020

Ostomy Supplies In Canada vs. Our Refer-a-Friend Program

Ostomy Supplies in Canada can cost a lot over a year, that’s why we are excited to announce the launch of our Refer-a-Friend program! This exciting program gives members of our community a chance to receive an account credit in exchange for each friend referral that successful becomes an Inner Good customer by making a purchase.

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Why Are We Launching This Program

At the start of 2018 we decided to gather comments from our ostomy customers on how could be even better than it is today. Overwhelmingly, many of the comments that we have received have been about how we can help people better manage the cost for their medical supplies. So we said to ourselves, why don’t we reward our community for spreading the word about Inner Good? … and just like that, we came up with our very own referral program.

Send A Referral In Seconds

We have engineered a simple system to help our customers send us a referral fast. All you need to do is share your friends name and email along with your name and email so we can track and reward you for the referral.

It’s Easy. Refer Your BFF Now

Quick Program Facts

The Refer-a-Friend program is in it’s pilot phase. We have a hunch that it will be a success, but we reserve the right to change the rules for the program, or cancel the program at anytime if we think it doesn’t amount to a positive experience for everyone who wants to participate.

To be a qualified referrer, you must be a current Inner Good customer having made at least one or more purchases valued at over $150. We will let you know if you refer someone who is already a member of our community. The referral credit is not available for referring existing Inner Good customers who have already purchased in the past.

With every successful referral that you send us, Inner Good will issue you a store credit after we verify that the referee qualifies and meets all of our rules.

If you have any questions about our Refer-a-Friend program, drop us a line here.


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    I saw your comment and want to apologies for the discrepancy with the coupon code not working for you. First off, thank you for letting me know about this issue – there must be a technical glitch at play here.

    I’ve created a separate code for you that gives you 15% off Metagenics. So sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully you will give us a second chance.

    Use the code “nicola” at the cart or checkout. This coupon will expire in 3 months.



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