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March 5, 2021

Ostomy Supplies + Ostomy Care Tip #8 – Dealing with Gas

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Adjusting from surgery? Selecting the right ostomy supplies is a critical component in your recovery post-surgery for every patient, whether you are a young person, senior, or anything in between. The first and most important tip, … be proactive about your health and be uncompromising about finding the right medical supplies that suit your needs (ostomy, wound care, hygiene, dietary supplements, etc.). This was a lifesaving attitude for me in more ways than one and keeps me feeling positive and in control of my wellness. 

Tip # 8 GAS

ostomy supplies and ostomy care tips - dealing with gas - innergood canadaAnyone Rocking a bag knows the term “silent but deadly”. It may have been invented for us.

My tip for everyone takes the standard “bag burp” in a different direction – quite literally. Many people “burp” their two-piece bag at the top clip. I have occasionally failed 👎with this when the pressure has popped the bag right off the flange. “Burping” also is difficult if you are wearing a one-piece appliance, adhesive flanges or lying down in bed.

What if I told you to open the drain end? Simply grab the bag and stand it up (see pic 2) Be sure to shake all the contents to the bottom, give the bag a gentle squeeze to separate the gas to the top. Open the Velcro and gently unfold the opening to let the gas out slowly. It can be done walking, sitting or lying. You will literally learn to do it in your sleep – It’s that easy. Give it a go it’s a game-changer!

Many of you know that I have an ileostomy and have worked hard to put my health and wellness forward as a priority. This is the whole reason we also carry the top dietary supplements available in Canada along with medical supplies.  I think these topics are important to share with our community through our website and newsletter as well. I hope you find this helpful and please feel free to write in the comments below and share any Tips n’ Tricks you think could help others!


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