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Ostomy Care App for New Ostomates by Coloplast

Getting an ostomy is a life-saving procedure, but it is also a life-changing event. Whether your procedure is for a colostomy, ileostomy, urostomy, etc., living with a stoma is a big responsibility, and there is a lot of information to take in on ostomy care when you are new at it and recovering from surgery. The first few weeks can be chaotic for new ostomates as they try to keep track of the size of the stoma as it fluctuates between periods of shrinking and expanding. On top of that, of course, is keeping track of output. All of this, along with recovering from surgery, feels overwhelming.

Coloplast has launched a new app called MyOstomy to help make the transition easier. Here’s what you need to know about this awesome tool.

Coloplast MyOstomy App Review

MyOstomy is a digital companion app designed to support you in managing your life with a stoma. Instead of keeping track of your ostomy all by yourself (changing stoma size, etc.), this app helps you manage your stoma and live a confident lifestyle. The app provides tools, educational content and support to help care for your stoma. This digital assistant is also great because it serves as a historical record for you and your NSWOC Nurse.

Many users’ favourite feature is the Digital Stoma Journal. The stoma journal lets you keep track of pictures, your output, and your change in routine, such as wear time with your ostomy supplies. The beauty of this app is that all of the information is organized in an easy-to-access place. Whether your journey includes pre-surgical education, recovery right after surgery, or managing your ostomy at home and looking for community resources, the MyOstomy app will help you find a new normal faster.

Features and Benefits of the MyOstomy App:

  • Take pictures of your stoma to monitor changes over time. Ideal for sharing with your nurse and doctor.
  • Set personalized goals and track progress
  • Set reminders for yourself as you create a new routine
  • Track medical complications, diet and nutrition changes, and mental well-being
  • Access a customized library of content with both inspirational and advisory content created by other ostomates and medical experts

coloplast canada - myostomy app screens

Download the app for iOS devices here and for Android devices here. Buy Coloplast Ostomy Supplies here. Contact us directly if you need help with getting product samples from Coloplast.

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