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February 7, 2017

Where to Order Ostomy Supplies – Why Buy Ostomy Supplies Online

Whether you have recently received a stoma, or you have been living with one for quite some time, where to buy your supplies remains to be a significant decision.

There is a lot of information out there, but a lot of it isn’t all that clear. Consumer trust on price, selection, and confidentiality remain to be hot topics in this health, wellness, and medical product category. It’s not like buying electronics (etc.), where you have your pick of trusted family, friends, and co-workers to compare notes with. Many of you feel alone on this matter.

Knowing this is why InnerGood has dedicated itself to not only helping ostomates lead an extraordinary life, but why we make sure that you have access to useful consumer information too. By finding this article today, you have taken the best step toward understanding where and how you should buy ostomy supplies.


4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Ostomy Products and Supplies from an Online Resource (and What You Need to Know)

1. Confidentiality

While you should never feel ashamed about your stoma, you may not feel like advertising it to anyone in your surroundings. Your comfort level is paramount, and if a trip through a Superstore or Walmart Supercentre pharmacy incites the slightest discomfort, you can nip this in the bud by going online. But confidentially extends beyond the brick and mortar experience. When choosing an online resource, choose one that ensures confidentiality on packaging and shipping. Contact us to learn more about how we protect your privacy.


2. Unbiased Ostomy Product Selection

The ostomy supply industry is not exempt from the same consumer concerns that plague many product categories. A few sellers that have held an oligopoly in ostomy products for quite some time. This economic trait has limited the product selection ostomates are exposed to on pharmacy shelves. When these same sellers put their products online, the perception of limited selection is extended to the world wide web. Consumers are discontent.

This is why you need to expand your horizons by not only buying ostomy supplies online, but by choosing a resource that does not have vested interest with one particular manufacturer. Look for product line diversity when shopping for ostomy supplies. That means you will have to perform more due diligence, looking beyond the ads and the first results on Google, YAHOO, or BING. After all, this your health we’re talking about.

3. Competitive Pricing

Buying ostomy supplies off-the-shelf is not the most budget-friendly option. Chances are you won’t find what you need in a weekly flyer. Ostomy pouch ten-packs rarely make for great Door-Crashers. Buying online on the other hand, often equates lower prices. In addition, stock is less likely to run out. If you’re concerned about shipping costs when buying in bulk (another way to save online) then be sure to look for sellers that offer FREE shipping on sizable orders. For example, Inner Good offers FREE shipping on orders over $100 (CAD).

As an ostomate, you need a resource that can help sustain your health and wellness, in addition to your budget. Buying from an online source that is 100% dedicated to ostomy supplies helps you accomplish this longterm goal.


4. Lifestyle Matching

Buying ostomy supplies online makes even more sense when purchased from a resource that connects the dots between products and your own lifestyle. Your activities help dictate your unique needs. For example, if you’re an avid swimmer or serious fitness enthusiast, you’re looking for ostomy-conscious products (including supplements) that differ from someone who is less active. You don’t want to visit one online forum to find out what is required, then jump over to another website see if they have what matches your needs. That disconnect can lead to confusion and bad purchase decisions. But now, Inner Good has provided the ostomy community with a one-stop shop that addresses your individual needs as a swimmer, fitness buff, snowboarder, martial artist, world traveler (etc.) and points you towards items that will directly facilitate that lifestyle. Traditional medical supply retailers (offline and online) rarely, if ever, merge the two.   


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