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June 21, 2022

Is Medline Marathon the Best Liquid Skin Protectant for Ostomates?

For the uninitiated, a liquid skin protectant (or skin sealant) is a formulation designed to protect vulnerable wounds on the body. A liquid skin protectant may need to address complications include wound exudate (leaked fluid from blood vessels into nearby tissues) or other forms of excessive moisture that may come from incontinence and similar concerns. A liquid skin protectant forms a transparent protective coating on the skin to mitigate exudate/moisture and the potential issues (reinfection, etc.) to come.

There are several liquid skin protectants/glues on the market in Canada, but not all are created equally. This statement is not necessarily in reference to quality (although that is the case sometimes) but due to the application itself. Some protectants are for simple acute injuries to the skin that may occur at work or on the outdoor basketball court. For such needs, the products you find at your local pharmacy will be fine. But that’s not what you’re here for. Instead, you’re searching for the best liquid skin protectant for your ostomy. Knowing that not just any skin sealant will do when it comes to stoma care, InnerGood has scoured the market to offer a premium solution for ostomates. That solution is Medline Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant. Let’s review.

Why Canadians Living with an Ostomy Turn to Medline Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant for Wound Care

Protects the Intact, Defends the Compromised Liquid Skin Protectant for Ostomy- Medline Canada MSC093005

“Defends and protects” is the best way to sum up what this particular product does. Where traditional protective barriers fail, Medline Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant excels. It has been formulated with independent molecules that polymerize when they come in contact with moisture on your skin’s surface.

Polymerization is a chemical reaction in which two or more molecules combine to form larger molecules that contain repeating structural units. In simplified words, it adheres to your skin without gaps, and because no solvents are used, there is zero evaporation, meaning that 100 percent of the sealant remains on the skin. It is stronger and longer lasting than other “comparable” products in Canada. Because it integrates with your skin’s surface, it can stay on for several days. This feature is essential when you consider all of the challenges (maceration damage, etc.) to skin integrity for those living with an ostomy. Exposure to urine and feces, digestive enzymes, perspiration, wound drainage, appliance friction, and shear (a combination of downward pressure and friction) all threaten your skin and, subsequently, your overall health.

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No Sting, No Discomfort

The science behind Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant by Medline is extremely important, but what ostomates love is that it’s not a literal pain to use. It is a non-stinging barrier film that is effective without discomfort. It’s breathable and fully flexible so that it never feels like your skin is being pulled or twisted when moving and turning. The latter is a big benefit for those who live a fit and active lifestyle.

Easy to Use

Medline Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant for Wound CareExcuse the clunky analogy, but it’s almost like using an old Bingo dabber. You gently squeeze the applicator until the liquid soaks through the sponge tip and apply the solution to the affected area gently and evenly without painful pressure. And don’t worry, you don’t have to wait long for it to dry. It bonds to the skin on contact, and within a minute of application, you’ll be good to go.

And as mentioned above, because it typically lasts for several days, you won’t have to waste time reapplying the product day in and out. That’s where the name “Marathon” comes from. After the layer has run its course, the sealant wears away naturally. Essentially, your body will let you know when it’s time for a new application (after cleansing). You won’t find a more natural feeling liquid skin protectant in Canada.

Considering all of the above, it’s clear that you’ll be hard pressed to find a better liquid skin protectant than Medline Marathon. Add this superior product to your cart today. View all Medline products available in Canada, courtesy of InnerGood.

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