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September 8, 2020

MediHoney for Wound Care

Medihoney is a portmanteau used to reference medical honey, namely manuka honey (aka leptospermum scoparium). The medicinal applications of manuka honey were originally discovered in Australia and New Zealand where bees have pollinated the native manuka bush for centuries. It was borrowed by traditional Chinese medicine and over time made its way overseas. However, it wasn’t until the early 2000s when this unique form of honey gained recognition in Canada for more than soothing sore throats.

Manuka honey contains methylglyoxal which science supports as being the key to its antibacterial properties. These antibacterial properties have made manuka honey a crucial component in natural wound healing. To date is has become a top choice among physicians to help in the management of acute, chronic and stalled wounds. Clinicians have also used it to treat burns as it assists in safe and effective removal of necrotic, non-viable tissue.

Science certainly backs leptospermum scoparium’s power in wound healing, but with so many manuka honey products on the market which one should Canadian consumers turn to? The one that actually bears the name – MediHoney®.

MediHoney gels, wound care and burn dressings contain 100% active manuka honey in a hydrocolloidal (opaque dressing for wounds) suspension. It has quickly become the answer for Canadians in search of a natural, safe, and healthy way to treat wounds. Let’s explore this application even further.

4 Benefits of Using MediHoney Gels and Dressings for Wound Care and Management

1. An Antibacterial Agent in Would Healing

Antibacterial compounds interfere with the growth and reproduction of bacteria. They directly attack the bacterial cell wall, and as a result bacteria can no longer attack the body. Simply put, when introduced they prevent harmful cells from doing any (or further) damage (infection) to a wound. As alluded to above, MediHoney contains methylglyoxal, which is the main factor responsible for both the antibacterial and antimicrobial activity of this natural health product.

2. An Antioxidant Agent in Would Healing

The phenolic compounds of manuka honey generate significant antioxidant activity including iron-binding and free radical scavenging. Since these antioxidant activities help control wound oxidative stress and accelerate healing we have yet another reason to support the application of MediHoney gels and dressings to treat wounds.

3. An Anti-Inflammatory Agent in Wound Healing

Studies show that this product also has anti-inflammatory properties. Anti-inflammatory agents are necessary to wound healing because they provide sufferers with a relatively quick solution to pain and inflammation, the latter of which can further aggravate a laceration, lesion, ulcer, and so forth. In addition to supporting faster healing, anti-inflammatory agents also reduce the potential for scarring.

4. Maintains a Moist Wound Environment and Protective Barrier

A moist environment has unequivocally been proven to facilitate the healing process. It prevents dehydration and promotes angiogenesis and collagen synthesis together with heightened breakdown of dead tissue and fibrin (an insoluble protein formed from fibrinogen during the clotting of blood). A moist environment therefore not only facilities healing, it improves wound aesthetics and decreases pain. The texture alone also provides a protective barrier against microbial infections.

MediHoney gels together with wound/burn dressings offer one of the most effective forms of wound healing available on the Canadian market. Better yet – it’s natural! View all MediHoney wound care products available at InnerGood Canada. Contact us today if you have any additional questions and/or you want to inquire about how to receive FREE shipping.

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  1. i have had a stoma reversal and still in hospital with a wound I would Mabye be interested in trying one of your wound dressings when I get hopefully discharged

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