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January 1, 2020

Medical Supplies Feature: Coloplast Advanced Wound Care in Canada – Biatain Silicone 3DFit

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Wound care is a concern for many Canadians who have suffered a major injury to living tissue and/or undergone a surgery where a significant opening in the epidermis, dermis, and through to the hypodermis is required. There is no oversimplified “band-aid fix” when it comes to wound care, as it is a complex process that demands extreme care is taken to prevent infection and ensure optimal healing.

Many things play a role in this process but none is traditionally quite as complicated as choosing the right wound dressing, which is the literal shield against harm-inducing friction, excessive moisture, and bacteria. But here in 2020, the process got a lot less complex with the arrival of Coloplast’s most advanced wound care system yet – Biatain Silicone with 3DFit Technology. Let’s review.

3 Reasons Coloplast’s Biatain Silicone with 3DFit Technology Offers Canadians the Most Advanced Wound Care Solution

Body Contour Conforming Dressing Technology

3DFit is essentially as it sounds, but it’s certainly no marketing verbiage. Coloplast’s design team has spend countless hours developing a dressing that securely conforms to fit to human body contours of all types. Conventional foam dressings found at your local pharmacy do not offer this. With common products, a gap forms between the wound bed and dressing which often results in exudate pooling followed by an increased risk of infection, delay in wound healing, and subsequent impact on a patient’s quality of life. Biatain Silicone with 3DFit Technology on the other hand, fills the gap and reduces pooling to elevate optimal healing conditions.

Superior Absorption

This Coloplast product does more than prevent a gap from forming between the wound and dressing, it offers enhanced absorption. Expertly manufactured micro-capillaries jump into action to absorb wound secretions in a vertical manner and keep discharged fluid and the microscopic mass of cells away from the wound, which would otherwise impact its ability to heal. Where does the exudate/secretion go? Keep reading.

Exudate Retention

We used the word exudate a few times already, but for the uninitiated it is defined as the secretion or liquid produced by the body in response to tissue damage. Or in other words, the yucky stuff.

For your wound to heal you need to maintain moisture balance but that balance is upset with the presence of exudate. Above we mentioned that this Coloplast advanced wound care product absorbs exudate vertically to keep excessive and unclean moisture away from your wound, but where does it go? With Biatain Silicone dressing it is hoarded and retained despite compression which reduces the risk of leakage and maceration of the wound edges and periwound skin. The result is a balanced moisture level that promotes more effective healing, fewer dressing changes, a shorter nursing time, and lower overall cost.

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