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July 24, 2020

InnerGood FAQ: Purchasing Ostomy Supplies / Medical Supplies (updated July 24th, 2020)

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There’s enough uncertainty in the world as is, so when it comes to medical supplies you need assurances about your purchases. There is absolutely no room for ambiguity with respect to your household’s health and wellness. We understand this better than most which is why we have put together an FAQ for our customers. We want you to have complete confidence that when you shop at InnerGood your orders will be fulfilled as efficiently as possible, and that you will be provided a superior level of customer service. Read below for peace of mind, body, and soul.


Answers to Your Questions About Purchasing Ostomy/Medical Supplies and Supplements from InnerGood Canada


1 – How Long do Orders Take to Process?

Orders made before 4 PM EST / 2 PM PST typically get processed on the same day. Orders received after that time will be processed the following business day in the morning. 

2 – How Long Does Shipping Take?

Under normal conditions it takes anywhere from 1 to 3 business days to receive your order. Under abnormal circumstances (i.e. pandemic) where there may be supply chain disruptions your order may take anywhere from 3 to 7 days to arrive at your address. 

3 – Who Do You Ship With?

Our shipping partners are Purolator and Canada Post. If you have special shipping requests, please use the Notes portion on the Checkout page to let us know. Please beware that package theft is on the rise. Make arrangements accordingly to pick up your package immediately upon delivery. is not responsible for packages that have been stolen after delivery.

4 – What Happens if I Don’t Receive My Order?

After purchase you will receive a link to track your order through our shipping partners, Purolator and Canada Post. This will make evident a delay, if any. In the extremely rare circumstance that your order is not received for any reason, simply contact our Customer Support line. We abide by all provincial and federal Consumer Protection Laws. If your order is not delivered to you within 30 days of the expected day of delivery you will receive a full refund on your order.

5 – Do You Ship Internationally?

InnerGood currently ships exclusively within Canada, but can ship international on special request. The shipping costs for international purchases are extra. Coming soon … InnerGood is planning to serve US customers hopefully as soon as the Fall of 2020. We are in the planning stages. 

6 – What Happens If I Am Not Satisfied with My Purchase?

Dissatisfaction with a ostomy/medical supply product or health supplement should be taken up directly with the manufacturer via the number provided on product packaging. Your sales contract with InnerGood is for purchase, shipping, and delivery of said products.

7 – What Happens if I Order An Item on Backorder?

Your order gets placed in a queue in a sequence of priority order. Once the item is back in stock it gets shipped automatically. If an item is on backorder, it typically takes anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks to come back into stock. Extremely popular items (i.e. immunity boosting supplements such as Vitamin C, etc.) that may be backorder tend to land on the latter half of the timeframe.

8 – Should I Order Medical / Ostomy Supplies in Bulk? 

Ordering bulk is now fine. We were concerned with this notion in the early Spring when regular business was asked to alter practices due to Covid-19. We do still recommend that customers order their products 3 to 4 weeks in advance due to shipping and supply chain delays associated with the pandemic. We also ask customers to contact us if they want to set up auto-renewal orders for all or certain types of purchases. This provides a 99.9% guarantee that we will have your supplies ready when you need them!

9 – What if I Can’t Find the Brand Product I’m Looking for? 

Here is a list of the ostomy/medical supply and health supplement brands we carry. If you are looking for a specific product from one of our brand partners but do not find it in our store, we encourage you to contact our Support team to request it or email If possible, we will bring it in for you right away.

10 – How do I Get a Pharmacy Receipt for 3rd Party Insurance? 

You can immediately download a PDF copy of your receipt. Once you’ve made your purchase, you will receive an auto-generated “Thank You” message accompanied by a link to download a printable PDF. Submit this to your insurance company. If you have created an account with us, you can also login, visit your “Order History” and download the PDF anytime. Create your FREE account here to get started.

11 – How do I Get Reimbursed if I Have BC PharmaCare Coverage? 

Once you’ve selected all of your items for purchase and arrive at the Checkout page you will find a prompt (in the Notes area) to provide your Full Name, Date-of-Birth (DOB) and BC PharmaCare number. Once you complete your purchase, we will calculate your coverage using our special pharmacy till and refund your credit card based on your coverage. Reimbursements typically take 1 business day to show up on your account.

12 – Coupon Codes / Promotions? 

Along with our great sale prices, we offer all first time customers 10% off their first order. We offer this as a welcome bonus to our community when you sign up for our newsletter. You simply add the coupon code – firstpurchase – (lowercase, all one word) to the coupon code field on either the cart or checkout page. We send our community updates and promotions about 2 times per month on average as to no clutter inboxes endlessly.

12 – What is Your Return / Refund Policy? 

Please review our Return Policy here.

Didn’t find the question/s (and answer/s) you were looking for? Simply contact InnerGood support and we will be happy to address them for you.

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