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Finding Insurance Coverage for Ostomy Supplies and Catheters | My Personal Journey

I never really understood the expense of medical or ostomy supplies and medications before becoming ill with cancer in 2014,

When I was first diagnosed, I wasn’t working and had to cash in any savings, and I had to support myself, which only lasted so long. After that, my family had to step in, and I’m forever grateful for their help financially, as I don’t know what I would have done otherwise. As time passed, I met other people with medical conditions and discovered how many Canadians were in the same financial hardship predicament: single people, people with children, people with no support at all. I can’t speak to their individual situations as each Province has different assistance available. However, I can share what I’ve learned over the years at various stages of my financial status as a resident of British Columbia.

Getting Insurance Help When You are Low or No Income With a Serious Illness

What I found very frustrating at the start of my illness journey was the lack of immediate financial help from programs I’d been contributing to for years, such as CPP, EI and Fair Pharmcare.  Here I was with no income and stage 3 cancer, having to fill out form after form, being consistently told I had too high an income the previous tax year to qualify for aid. I did qualify for medical EI, which was great, and that was put into place pretty quickly. Regarding Fair Pharmcare, I had to do the income review application, which took time. Eventually, my deductible was reduced to a lower amount, and then eventually, it was zero since I wasn’t working and had no declarable income. Had I not done the income review application, I would have had to pay out of pocket for any medications and supplies I needed.

Understanding When You Need to Pay Out-of-Pocket

Fast forward to 2024, and I’ve been back working for an entire tax season. I called Fair Pharmacare to see if my deductible for 2024 was still zero, as I thought they based deductibles on two past tax years. They base the deductible on two calendar years and not two tax years, so I no longer have any coverage until that deductible is met and then full coverage once the next deductible tier is met. I understand help is a good thing, but until I reach those deductibles, I’ll have to pay out of pocket. Extended work benefits help many Canadians with their expenses, but at this time, I don’t have any, so I started to look for private insurance.

Third Party Insurance Research – Securican Canada

Finding help with your medical expensesI called four different insurance companies. They each explained extended health benefits were available, but what was interesting was how low the amount they’d cover towards ostomy supplies. Most plans cover between $1,000 – $1,500 a year, and my ostomy supply costs greatly exceed that amount. I’m a member of BCAA and recently received an email about private insurance options. I’ve used BCAA for travel insurance over the years, so I called them and was given a number to their health provider, Securican Canada, so I gave them a call. The representative I spoke with was very kind and listened to my questions. I told her I wanted to know specifically about the coverage of ostomy supplies before hearing about the other benefits. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Enhanced Plan covers up to $8,000 in year 1, $9,000 in year 2 and $10,000 in year 3 and will cost me $162 per month after a 5% discount for being a BCAA member. This plan also covers dental, eyewear, prescription medications, orthotics, mental health services and a couple of other things. This is the best option I came across and my personal plan will be in place as of mid-March. All receipts will be submitted online and Securican will direct deposit monies owed in a timely manner. This option is much more affordable and, as mentioned, covers more than just my medical expenses.

Securican is available for all Canadians. I reached out to my representative and asked about catheter supplies, which are not covered by most provincial plans. She confirmed that catheters are, in fact, covered. The Enhanced Plan seems to cover it all pretty much. If you’re someone who’s having to pay for all your medical expenses and looking for assistance, give them a call at 1.866.714.9007. I’m sure glad to have found them and hope this can be of some help to you, too!

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