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January 27, 2023

How to Ease Penetration Pain Today with Ohnut

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Data varies on how many women experience pain during penetration when having sex. One study reports that 10 percent experience it every single time. Another finds that 57% of sexually active women have experienced pain or discomfort during intercourse to the point that they could not enjoy themselves and/or had to stop. The same study finds that 18 percent experience intermittent pain that makes sex unbearable. No matter how you look at it, sex is not as pleasurable as it should be for a large number of women. 

You may have heard that physiotherapy interventions can help. It’s true pelvic floor therapy can be employed to treat dyspareunia (the medical term for painful intercourse). However, it takes time – multiple and ongoing sessions. Unless you have a great private healthcare plan in Canada, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny to achieve the ultimate goal of good sex. And while it may be worth it, you’re also in search of a more immediate solution. Is Valentine’s Day around the corner? Maybe an anniversary? Are the kids staying with their grandparents for a week? Is it Tuesday? Whatever the motivation for your urgency may be, you need an answer for how to ease penetration pain today! 

We got you covered. 

While we have reviewed Canada’s top solution for painful sex in the past, we’ve added to our Canada-wide inventory one product that offers undeniable relief for penetration pain and anxiety. Below is a breakdown of why you should add Ohnut buffer rings to your bedside table.

Why Wearable Ohnut Buffer Rings Are Canada’s One-Stop Solution to Painful Penetration During Intercourse

Instant Relief from Penetration Pain

As alluded to above, this is not a “treatment” that takes time to kick in so that you can enjoy sex a few months from now. When your partner wears Ohnut, you instantly experience less penetration pain. How is this possible? Does the product feature some pharmaceutical pain-killing intervention? Heck no, and you certainly shouldn’t go there. 

Ohnut is comprised of four-linking soft rings made from an FDA-approved, latex-free, body- and skin-safe polymer blend. To be blunt, it’s an adjustable (rings can be added/removed) penis bumper that acts as a cushion during sex. It helps control the depth of penetration while providing a supple barrier to your pelvic bone amidst passionate thrusts. 

Feels Great for the Wearer As Well

You’ll enjoy the miracle of significantly lessened (or obliterated) penetration pain with Ohnut. But is it comfortable, dare we say pleasurable, for your partner too? Absolutely! While the product is designed to limit the depth pf penetration, it doesn’t feel that way for the wearer. The malleable grip of the Ohnut rings essentially mimics the feeling of entering vaginal walls so that the male is treated to anticipated pleasures, with the peace of mind that they are not causing their partner discomfort.

Further, knowing that not every “member” is alike, Ohnut offers this product in two sizes (Classic and Wide). Better yet, both partners will enjoy the added bonus of vibrating rings that can be added to the Classic and Wider sizes.

Can Be Applied to Toys Too

The pliable nature of Ohnut makes it appropriate for use on your favourite bedroom toys too. If it takes the shape of a penis, it can Ohnut buffer rings can be employed for ease of entry. 

It’s a Fashionable Sex Accessory

If sex accessories were just about function, adult boutiques would go out of business quite quickly. In the same manner that lingerie and other related adornments are meant to tempt one another in the boudoir, Ohnut has also paid close attention to aesthetic design. The soft and natural tone of the classic buffer rings adds ornamentation to bedroom play, while the organic rainbow colour option celebrates the beautiful spectrum of sexual preferences. 

How to ease penetration pain today? Add Ohnut buffer rings to your cart, get quick shipping across Canada, and start enjoying great sex within moments of opening your order. Feel free to try it out multiple times before returning to leave a glowing review!

Contact InnerGood Canada if you have any questions about this product or want to learn more about how to qualify for discounts and free shipping.

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