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May 15, 2018

Hollister Ostomy Accessories Canadians Need to Know About This Summer

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Summer is coming to Canada and at this time of the year, ostomates begin to pay even closer attention to the stoma care products they use. Why? You’re wearing less clothing and are thus more exposed, and you are likely participating in more activities thanks to warmer and longer days.

Now you already know that when it comes to pouches and catheters that the Hollister brand is top notch, but when it comes to stoma care accessories that will help you enjoy the season ahead, you may be a bit baffled with so many brands out there. As Canada’s top seller of ostomy supplies, we can tell you first hand that Hollister also offers a superior line of accessories. Today, we have detailed some key products that will help you enjoy one of the most carefree summers of your life.

5 Hollister Stoma Care Products That You Need to Add to Your Shopping Cart this Summer

1. Hollister Barriers for Better Skin

Hollister® 11506 - Pre-Sized CeraPlus Convex Skin Barrier (Tape Border)Are you ready to proudly wear your bikini or board shorts this season but are concerned because you’ve been plagued by skin irritation around your stoma in the past? Those days can be over if you use Hollister skin barriers.

Listed as one of the top stoma skin care necessities, all Hollister barriers offer secure yet flexible protection. However, CeraPlus, their newest skin barrier is infused with ceramide, which is your skin’s naturally occurring protection against dryness. The barrier has been manufactured to maintain adhesive properties, while featuring a formula that has been infused with ceramide to help protect your skin’s natural moisture barrier, to maintain good peristomal skin health, and decrease transepidermal water loss from damaged and/or eroded skin. View more on CeraPlus barriers, and our entire inventory of Hollister brand skin barriers.

2. Hollister Skin Care Products for an Even Better Peristomal Appearance

Hollister 79300 - Adapt PasteWearing top of the line skin barriers alone won’t cut it. You also need to complement the daily regime with a variety of skin care products to ensure optimal comfort, and appearance. Since you’re rocking a Hollister pouch, and now a skin barrier, it makes sense to keep things consistent and remove the potential for a mismatch of product which may promote irritation.

Hollister skin care products that include their line of barrier pastes (Karaya and Adapt) will protect your skin from stomal discharge, fill in depressions and even out skin contours under the barrier, and will prolong barrier wear time, allowing you to go on with your summer day without a worry.

Don’t forget to pick up Hollister Adapt stoma powder to help absorb moisture from broken peristomal skin, which will allow for better barrier adhesion.

3. Hollister Deodorants for Better Scents

Hollister® 78501 - Adapt Lubricating DeodorantNo matter how great your stoma protection may be, your summer activities can have you moving and shaking so much that some smells may escape through the day. Nip it in the bud by keeping a pack of Hollister Adapt Lubricating Deodorant in your beach bag. This product is both a pouch lubricant and odor neutralizer. The great part about the oder neutralizing property, is that it does not employ a perfume or masking agent, which as we’re sure you know can create a whole other unpleasant (and sneeze-inducing) smell in itself.

4. Hollister Adapt Ostomy Belt for Springing into Action

Hollister® 7299 - Adapt Ostomy BeltIf you’re like many of our other customers, you live life to the fullest, and in the summertime that means you’re going to be doing more than hanging out at the beach. You’re going to be hiking, kayaking, paddling, running and/or quite possibly surfing, skydiving, base jumping and more. There’s not limit to what you can do, as long as you and your stoma are armed with the right accessories. For those of you who do take it to the max, a Hollister Adapt ostomy belt will be an essential tool. And don’t worry, they come in two flexible sizes to accommodate your form, and are completely discreet!

5. Hollister Cleaners to Wipe Away the Day

Hollister® 7736 - m9 Cleaner/DecrystallizerHollister products have now set you on the path to many summer days filled with fun and a wide variety of activities. You’re going to need to take steps to keep your stoma clean and irritation free through it all, and especially at each day’s end.

Products such the m9 Cleaner/Decrystallizer is a wonderful cleaner that has been specially formulated for use with urinary drainage systems. There is also the Restore Cleaner & Moisturizer which is a highly effective dimethicone-based cleanser, moisturizer and protective breathable barrier for skin – a true trifecta that provides skin protection for ostomates with urinary and/or fecal incontinence. Lastly, we must suggest that you keep a pack of Adapt Skin Protective Wipes with you too, which can be used to help protect your skin from effluent and stripping caused by adhesives.

View all Hollister products available to you through Inner Good Canada. Be sure to contact us to find out how you may qualify for FREE shipping and/or direct billing (for some provinces) or with any other questions you may have.

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