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April 15, 2020

Canada Looks to Genestra HMF for Immune Support

People all across the country are turning to natural health supplements to support a healthy immune system. One manufacturer that is gaining demand from Canadian consumers is Genestra, with their line of Human MicroFlora (HMF) probiotics formulas. HMF products have shown to enhance a positive immune response to threats, making them an essential addition to your health and wellness regime. Today we’re going to focus on three “must have” Genestra HMF supplements for healthy individuals that are currently available at InnerGood.

Three Genestra HMF Products Canadians Can Buy Online to Help Support a Healthy Immune System

Genestra HMF Immune 30 Chewable Tablets CanadaHMF Immune (Chewable Tablets)

Most Canadians don’t know that gastrointestinal health is closely associated to the immune system, which is why they may overlook probiotics as a support solution for the latter. If they knew that approximately 80 percent of the body’s immunologically active cells are located in gut-associated lymphoid tissue, they may better draw the direct connection between intestinal and immune system health. With that brief biology lesson out of the way we now turn to probiotic strains of both the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium variety.

The Bifidobacteria-lactis strain known as BL-04 has exhibited a propensity to encourage a healthy immune reaction in response to vaccinations. In addition, clinical trials have shown BL-04 to be effective in supporting upper respiratory tract health in adults and children alike. Lactobacillus has similar immune system enhancing properties, and also boasts effectiveness in respiratory support. One study finds that participants who took a Lactobacillus strain experienced a reduction in frequency and severity of respiratory infections by 17 percent. 

Each daily dose (one chewable tablet) of HMF Immune delivers 30 billion CFU of Genestra’s proprietary blend of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains, in addition to other big immune supporters Vitamins C and D. Buy HMF Immune in chewable tablet form here.

Genestra HMF Immune Powder 30 Sachets CanadaHMF Immune (Powder)

If you’re looking for another way to incorporate Genestra’s beneficial blend of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium into your diet, you may consider their HMF Immune Powder. Instead of 30 billion CFU in one shot (tablet) each serving contains 15 billion CFU per dose, which is more in line with the advisable 10-15 billion CFU per day for the average individual. Your physician will help you determine whether this option (versus the tablet) is better suited to your immune system and respiratory tract needs. The powder format is also preferred by those who enjoy an immune-boosting shake to get them through the day. Buy HMF Immune in powder form here.

Genestra HMF Bifido Capsules 30 Vegetarian Capsules CanadaHMF Bifido (Capsules and Powder)

HMF Bifido beefs up the power of Bifidobacterium, offering six proprietary strains of the beneficial bacteria. Because supplementation of this probiotic has shown to promote a healthy gut flora composition while supporting gastrointestinal comfort it is essential in maintaining immune function. 

The 40 billion CFU per dose includes the strains Bl-04, CUL-34 and CUL-20.

Genestra HMF Bifido Powder 30 g Powder CanadaWe’ve already discussed the immune system benefits of Bl-04 above when reviewing Genestra’s HMF Immune, but what about CUL-34 and CUL-20? Data finds that CUL-34, or Bifidobacterium animalis, is important to immune modulation where which immune responses are induced, amplified, attenuated, or prevented according to therapeutic objectives.

For this reason it’s a good idea to consult with your physician before taking HMF Bifido. What about CUL-20, aka Bifidobacterium bifidum? Studies find that B.bifidum may enhance immunity when optimized by goal, which is similar to the way Bifidobacterium animalis must be considered. For example, B.bifidum can boost immunity by recruiting white blood cells to fight off an infection, while other strains can reduce inflammation by recruiting fewer white blood cells. Again – consult with your physician and nutritionist ahead of time to find your optimal balance IF you have compromised immunity. Otherwise this product is excellent for healthy individuals. Buy HMF Bifido in powder form here and in chewable tablet form here.

All of the Genestra products above (and more) are currently available at InnerGood. Contact us today if you have any questions about how to qualify for fast and FREE shipping.

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