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March 17, 2023

Best Hair, Skin, and Nails Vitamins Supplement in Canada? 

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Over the last decade, you have noticed that the supplements section in your local pharmacy has significant shelving space dedicated to hair, skin, and nails vitamins. Why are these three “parts” of the body always linked together? 

Physiologically, the link exists because they are all part of the ectoderm. The ectoderm is a group of cells that develop during an embryo’s third week. Simply put, they all come from the same stem cell. Psychologically, the trifecta is also important to a large number of Canadians as its strength, texture, and vitality are indicators of age. The integrity of hair, skin, and nails is compromised as we get older. We’re constantly reminded of this fact (and feel older) when we look in the mirror and down at our hands. Thankfully, manufacturers of nutritional supplements have made great strides in the development of vitamins for hair, skin, and nails. These developments are critical given that our diets alone cannot provide adequate nutrients to support skin elasticity and hydration, healthy hair, and nail strength and thickness. But this brings us back full circle to our statement that retailers are stocked full of products that all purport to do the same thing. How are you to know which one stands up to their claims? By reading this.

InnerGood has taken great care in choosing the supplements we provide to Canada. We are equally fastidious in the selection of products that treat illnesses as we are for those that are considered to offer more cosmetic benefits. The latter is no less important to the mental and emotional health of women and men across the country. In doing our due diligence, we have come to the conclusion that one supplement stands out from the rest – Pure Encapsulations’ aptly named Hair/Skin/Nails Ultra.

Why Canadians Choose Pure Encapsulations Hair/Skin/Nails Ultra to Effectively Battle Related Signs of Aging

Hypo-Allergenic Collagen Formula

The embryonic link between hair, skin, and nails also links them to one key ingredient that must be present in any best hair, skin, and nails supplement – collagen. Data has proven that collagen promotes cell proliferation, and cell survival under stress and promoted high cell adhesion to the cell culture surface. 

While marine resources are often found in collagen-based supplements, it’s important to note that nearly 650,000 Canadians have an allergy to fish or shellfish. Given that Pure Encapsulations is Canada’s premier manufacturer of hypo-allergenic nutritional supplements, they tapped into Mother Nature’s bounty to provide for – and protect – the collagen your body needs for vitality. 

Key ingredients in this formula, such as Vitamin C (250 mg), zinc (30 mg), copper (1 mag), manganese (2 mg) and silica (30 mg) are integral collagen and keratin cofactors which promote skin elasticity. Grape seed (140 mg) is also key, as the proanthocyanidins contained within stabilize collagen and elastin. The supplement also features a hydrolyzed type II collagen complex (500 mg) comprised of chicken sternal cartilage. This type II collagen provides a naturally occurring matrix that further supports the elasticity and firmness of skin.

Other Important Natural Ingredients

The above-mentioned complex that includes Vitamin C, zinc, copper, manganese and silica along with Metafolin (400 mcg of folate) are also known to be important to healthy hair and nails even without reference to collagen. In addition, the inclusion of niacinamide (20 mg) promotes immune function and healthy inflammatory balance in the skin. Another ingredient, biotin (6 mg), is an essential vitamin that assists with the production of keratin – a protein that supports the growth of nails, skin and hair. In fact, biotin is frequently used to treat hair loss disorders such as alopecia, while research also suggests a positive response to biotin in the treatment of brittle nails. PABA (150 mg) is also included in the formula. There is significant research to support its use in the regimentation of grey hair through its effects on melanin metabolism. 

While most brands lean heavily on marine collagen, Pure Encapsulations looks at the big picture to ensure Canadians have access to a more robust and sustainable solution to aging’s impact on our appearance. When you consider all of the ingredients included in their formula, and the studies to back them in their application, it’s easy to draw your conclusion regarding the best hair, skin, and nails vitamins supplement. Buy this product today at InnerGood Canada.

*Disclaimer: Both mg / mcg amounts are based on 2 capsules per day. Always consult with your physician before taking any health supplement.

If you have any further questions about this product or want to inquire about how to qualify for discounts and FREE shipping, contact InnerGood.

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