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Is Metagenics Herbulk the Best Fiber Supplement for Constipation in Canada?

Generally speaking, if you have fewer than three bowel movements a week, along with these more detailed observances, you are experiencing constipation. Also known as a lack of bowel motility, the condition is not something most people talk about with anyone other than their physician. However, it is far more common than many (yourself included) think. The Canadian Digestive Health Foundation reports that 25% of Canadians have symptoms of constipation. This comes as no surprise to Inner Good. As Canada’s premiere supplier of natural health supplements, we receive thousands of order requests for products related to bowel motility care. One product, Metagenics Herbulk, has received fantastic feedback from customers. Is it the best fiber supplement for constipation? Read below for insight into what makes this product highly sought after by health conscious Canadians.

Why Canadians Turn to Metagenics Herbulk Fiber Supplement to Promote Healthy Bowel Motility and Relieve Constipation

Best Fiber Supplement for Constipation CanadaThe Right Fibers for Preventing and Relieving Constipation

When it comes to bowel motility, not all fiber is created equally. For instance, while soluble fiber may lower blood cholesterol and blood sugar, it doesn’t prevent constipation. Meanwhile, research shows that the inclusion of insoluble fiber in the human diet can help maintain healthy colon function and reduce constipation. Metagenics Herbulk contains 5 grams of insoluble fiber per serving. Further, this natural health product leans on the power of oat hull (OH) fiber (5.82g) which helps to keep the digestive tract moving and prevents the occurrence of constipation. OH is largely (around 90%) insoluble.

In addition to oat hull fiber, Metagenics Herbulk contains 3.46 grams of Psyllium per serving. Psyllium is a soluble fiber that is primarily employed as a gentle bulk-forming laxative in dietary products. While we stated above that soluble fiber does not prevent constipation, it does help treat it, and has been used for this exact purpose in traditional Asian medicine practices for centuries. Numerous bodies of research have shown that when combined with water, psyllium swells and produces more bulk, which stimulates the intestines to contract and subsequently speed the passage of stool through the digestive tract. This promotes healthy bowel motility. On the flip side, the same bodies of research have concluded that Psyllium can also be used to help relieve mild-to-moderate diarrhea, should compromised gut health throw you that curve ball as well.

Easy to Consume Drink Mix

People seeking relief from constipation appreciate the ease of Metagenics Herbulk. Non-medical ingredients include citric acid, natural orange flavour, ascorbic acid, Luo Han Guo fruit (monk fruit) extract, and beta-carotene. Together, the medicinal ingredients (fiber) and non-medicinal ingredients allow you to briskly stir a single scoop (10 grams) into a standard cup of water, juice, or other preferred beverage, and enjoy. All that it takes is one down the hatch per day (or as directed by your healthcare practitioner), and you’ll be on the way to regular bowel movements.

Ready for relief? Buy Metagenics Herbulk online today at Inner Good Canada. Also consider UltraGI Replenish for intestinal health. 

*Remember to consult with your physician before consuming dietary supplements. Do not use UltraGI Replenish if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

Contact our support team with any questions you may have about Metagenics Herbulk or any other products that may support your health needs.

Best Fiber Supplement for Constipation Canada

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