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Baza Cleanse and Protect All in One Perineal Lotion

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At least 10% of the Canadian population lives with incontinence. That’s over 3.8 million Canadians. So whenever you feel isolated in regards to your urinary or bowel disorder please remember that you’re not alone. Not by a long shot. Knowing this, we at Inner Good have made it our duty to ensure that Canadians with compromised urinary or bowel function have access to the best care products available on the market. We have found over the years that caregivers, patients, and general users keep coming back for one product in particular – Baza Cleanse and Protect all-in-one lotion. Why? Below is a breakdown of everything you need to know.

Why Canadians Living with Incontinence Turn to Coloplast Baza Cleanse and Protect for More Effective Perineal Skin Management

All in One Solution

As the name infers, Baza Cleanse and Protect is a unified solution that serves as a cleanser, moisturizer, and breathable barrier for patients at risk for skin irritation due to incontinence. This make the product not only more convenient, but more cost effective given that you don’t have to purchase an additional cleanser, moisturizer, and/or barrier.

The active ingredient in the specialized formula is Dimethicone (2%), which is a is non-comedogenic silicone-based polymer that is widely used as a skin protectant in the fields of medial, healthcare, and wellness. Not only is this ingredient effective in cleansing and protection, studies have validated that products containing Dimethicone are safer when compared to those without Dimethicone, as far as potential for skin irritation are concerned.

Superior Odor Control

Next to skin irritation management, the thing patients and users are concerned about most, is odor control. It’s a concern that weighs heavy on the mind and without adequate control confidence levels in social situations drops significantly. This is of no concern when you add Baza Cleanse and Protect to your perineal skin management regime. Inner Good Canada has made this product available fragrance-free (should you have allergies, etc.) and with superior odor control.

Instructions for How to Use Baza Cleanse and Protect

Instructions for how to use Baza Cleanse and Protect are provided with the product. However, it’s important to provide pre-purchase insight in this product review. In doing so, you will find peace of mind that you’re choosing not only one of the most effective perineal skin solutions on the market, but one of the easiest to use. Here’s how it is applied to your regime:

    • Wash and sanitize hands prior to use
    • Remove the bulk using an underpad, wipe, or dry wash cloth
    • To remove the remaining waste, spray Baza Cleanse and Protect to a clean, warm, and moist washcloth. Alternatively, two sprays of Baza Cleanse and Protect can be applied directly to the skin.
    • Proceed to wipe the perineal area from front to back.
    • Once the skin has been cleansed, pat the skin dry.
    • Once the skin is dry, spray another thin layer of Baza Cleanse and Protect directly on the skin to moisturize, then leave in place as a final protective barrier.
    • If the skin is very red or denuded (loss of epidermis) an additional barrier can be applied.

We hope that this review of Coloplast’s Baza Cleanse and Protect offers the confidence you need in choosing your next perineal skin management solution. Add Baza Cleanse and Protect to your shopping cart today, or choose the fragrance-free alternative here.

Do you have any other questions about this Coloplast product, or about anything else such as shipping and how to qualify for discounts? Contact Inner Good Canada today.

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