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July 28, 2020

AOR Quercetin for COVID 19 Coronavirus? What Canada Needs to Know

Quercetin is an antioxidant and bioflavonoid that is naturally derived from a number of nutritious fruits, vegetables, and leaves, in addition to seeds and grains. For centuries it has been used in traditional Chinese medicine although many nations throughout the world have enjoyed the flavonoid’s benefits for just as long. In 2020 it is once again rising to prominence as the planet faces an unprecedented pandemic. 

Quercetin has received a lot of press of late, touted as being a possible treatment for COVID 19. Of course, there is a lot of skepticism when any medicine (natural or otherwise) is reported as being a part of a solution to this complex health crisis. But the data backing quercetin as a prophylaxis (preventative measure) and treatment for COVID 19 is hard to ignore. InnerGood has recognized this and has tapped into one of Canada’s natural health supplement manufacturers – Advanced Orthomolecular Research (AOR) – to provide a premium quercetin product to the masses. Below is everything you need to know.

Why Canadians Should Consider Taking AOR Quercetin During the COVID 19 Coronavirus Health Crisis

AOR Quercetin | 100 Vegi-Caps | | CanadaQuercetin Supports Immune System Health

Before we get into a deeper discussion about quercetin’s direct application in the fight against COVID 19 we can certainly look to its ability to support a healthy immune system.

Numerous studies have shown that quercetin produces antioxidant activity that is helpful in radical scavenging and immune system stimulation. It boosts antiviral activity, inhibits histamine release, decreases inflammation, and regulates cytokine function in the respiratory tract. These benefits absolutely apply to the health crisis at hand. For these reasons alone including a quercetin supplement in your dietary regime is highly logical.

Quercetin Shown to Be Effective Against Other Coronaviruses

AOR Quercetin Canada for COVID 19 CoronavirusWhile quercetin is heralded for its antioxidant activity and immune system support these are not the reasons medical researchers are currently so interested in the polyphenol.

McGill University reports that researchers have identified quercetin molecules with structures that could conceivably block ACE2 receptors. ACE2 receptors allow the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 to infect and destroy cells in the human body. 

Quercetin gained notoriety during the SARS epidemic for its ability to prevent the entry of the coronavirus into cells. While this has yet to be proven for COVID 19, the calls for clinical trials for quercetin as a prevention and treatment for COVID 19 began as soon as the virus made landfall on North American soil. Back in March (2020), the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NIH) tapped quercetin as a safe and potentially effective candidate for the prevention and treatment of coronavirus infections. They began running a clinical trial at that time with an earmarked study completion date set for August 31st so please stay tuned for our follow-up report. 

Should you start taking a high-quality quercetin supplement today? As long as your physician agrees, then yes. The reason that the Canadian public in-the-know is already taking quercetin while the world awaits the results of these clinical trials is fairly clear – it is backed by science in having been effective in another form of coronavirus (SARS) and as a natural health supplement it is not harmful. At the very least you will enjoy its immune system supporting benefits. And if the clinical trials come back in the affirmative you will have given yourself (and your household) a head start on COVID 19 prevention and treatment. The latter consideration (treatment) is extremely important given that 80% of COVID 19 infections are mild or asymptomatic. Should the potential for symptoms to become evident persist, it makes sense to take any step possible to keep them at bay.

Learn more about AOR Quercetin, currently available at InnerGood Canada.

Disclaimer: InnerGood is not making any claims that Quercetin is currently a proven form of prevention and treatment for COVID 19. Please check back for updates as clinical trial results are released in September 2020.

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3 Replies to “AOR Quercetin for COVID 19 Coronavirus? What Canada Needs to Know”

  1. I had seen the interviews with Majambu Mbikay and Michel Chrétien late February 2020 and thankfully had a 200 pill bottle of AOR Quercetin. I didn’t take enough as I started getting sick. Definitely not 1 pill a day dosage.
    I don’t think I would be here if not for seeing the videos and having Quercetin on hand. Thank you

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