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August 31, 2020

Advantages of the 2-Piece Ostomy System by Hollister

InnerGood provides a wide range of ostomy supplies for Ostomates across Canada, so there is certainly no shortage of options when it comes to choosing a pouching system. However, you may be struggling with a decision about transitioning to a two-piece system after having a not-so-great experience with a one-piece set-up. One-piece systems do come with some disadvantages. For instance, they can be challenging to apply and don’t always fit as well as you’d like. In addition they can be difficult to “burp” when you need to release excess gas among other things that are unique to certain individuals. But is a two-piece the way to go? Not always, especially when you consider brand quality. This is where Hollister’s New Image 2-piece ostomy system comes in. As a leading ostomy system provider in Canada, Hollister’s 2-piece solution may be the answer you’ve been looking for. Let’s review.

4 Reasons Why Ostomates in Canada Are Switching to Hollister’s New Image 2-Piece Ostomy System

Provides a More Secure Fit Around Your Stoma

Two-piece systems typically fit better around your stoma than one-piece systems as they allow for visual proof that your wafer was cut and applied properly. Hollister’s New Image 2-piece system takes this a step further as it anatomically designed. Not only does it fit better, the integrated Lock ‘n Roll micro-seal closure creates a more secure closure at the bottom of the pouch by leveraging interlocking fasteners. This integrated closure system provides security that you need for greater confidence. Plus, the system’s soft ComfortWear pouch panels help provide additional comfort.

Permits Effective Release and Deodorization of Gas Build-Up

When wearing a typical 2-piece ostomy appliance you would use a “burping” technique to expel gas from the pouch. As opposed to completely removing the pouch (as you would need to do with one-piece systems) you would instead separate the pouch from the flange at the top of the appliance to release the gas, after which you may quickly reattach the pouch to the flange. This is a sound alternative to one-piece systems, but not exactly ideal. As an even better solution, Hollister’s New Image 2-piece system employs an AF300 filter which allows for a gradual yet effective release (and deodorization) of gas from the pouch.

Easier to Clean and Control Waste Flow from You Pouch

Hollister’s New Image 2-piece drainable pouch has been designed to be opened at the bottom which allows for much easier emptying. This is conduce to a cleaner and more controllable system for greater peace of mind.

Can be Used with Any New Image 2-Piece Skin Barrier (with same flange size)

Another major benefit of a two-piece system is that wearing one allows you to swap between different pouches (when compatible with your barrier) throughout the day without having to change your wafer. This is great if you want to use a larger pouch at night (or when traveling, etc.) and a smaller one throughout the day. This is one of the biggest reasons ostomates choose two-piece systems over the alternative. Hollister’s 2-piece system provides this flexibility and is compatible with any New Image two-piece skin barrier with the same flange size. View New Image skin barriers available at innerGood.

View more on Hollister’s New Image 2-piece ostomy systems. If you have any questions about this product or want to inquire about how to qualify for FREE shipping and more, contact InnerGood today.

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