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Ostomy Supplies & Resources for Montreal, Quebec City, and Quebec Residents

buy ostomy supplies online quebec - innergood.caQuebec is the second most populated province in Canada, but also has the second largest land area with a lower population density than the wide open plained province of Alberta. That means there is a significant population with limited access to essential health and wellness supplies, which creates conditions conducive to a monopoly for providers. When it comes to ostomy supplies, there has traditionally been a cause for concern.

Data shows that Quebec reports the second highest number of annual ostomy procedures of all provinces in Canada. The most frequently performed procedure is a colostomy (55%), followed by an ileostomy (31%) and then a urostomy (14%). Suffice to say, that up until this past year, adequate ostomy supply was not there to fill the demand for this fine province. Inner Good seeks to put an end to this, to ensure equal and affordable access to ostomy supplies for all Canadians, Québécois/e included.

Ostomy Supplies Coverage Quebec

Quebec’s Ostomy Appliances Program for persons covered under the Québec Health Insurance Plan helps qualified residents pay for ostomy supplies by reimbursing a good portion of their expenditure. Quebec residents who have a permanent colostomy, ileostomy, urostomy and can prove the permanent nature by provision of a medical certificate are eligible, regardless of income level. That’s great news for you!

Coverage extends up to $700 per ostomy each year, and every year to follow, on the anniversary date of the operation. If you have private health insurance, you may qualify (through your provider) for additional coverage beyond what is covered under the Régie (formerly known as the Quebec Health Insurance Board).

If you are currently a recipient of Quebec’s Last Resort Financial Assistance Program (apply here, if applicable) you will be fully reimbursed for any purchase over the annual $700, upon delivery of detailed receipts. Be sure to keep your proof of purchase from Inner Good for said reimbursement.

The only otherwise-qualified residents who may not be eligible for the annual $700 coverage, are those residing within subsidized facilities, since ostomy-related appliances are provided by the facility free of charge. If you live in a subsidized facility that does not fulfill your essential ostomy supply needs, put them in touch with Inner Good.

Want to know if you qualify for Quebec’s Ostomy Appliances Program? View the provincial Registration Form here.

Ostomy Supplies Covered in Quebec

Now that you know you can recoup a significant portion of your ostomy supply expenses, you need a clear picture of what products are covered by the Ostomy Appliances Program. These include:

  • Stoma pouches/containers
  • Appliance tubes and catheters
  • Additional accessories deemed essential to permanent wound care

Where to Buy Ostomy Supplies in Quebec

As Quebec’s leading provider of ostomy supplies, Inner Good is not only indoctrinated in the challenges of ostomates, our team includes known members of the ostomy community. Together, the team works closely with Quebec Health Care Professionals to ensure that your specific needs are met. We offer:

  • Easy Online Purchasing – Order your supplies from our online shop and receive FREE shipping right to your door with a $100 minimum purchase.
  • Discreet and Quick Delivery – Your order is processed immediately and automatically slated for shipping. Your supplies will arrive on time and in discreet packaging at the Quebec address of your choice, each month, without hassle.
  • Full Support – Your first purchase order is just the beginning. At that point you have entered into a relationship with Inner Good. That means you can call or email us with your questions about shipping, product information, special promotions, and much more. Begin that conversation today by calling us at 1.844.466.3939, complete the form found here, or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Do you as a Quebec resident (Québécois/e) have any other questions about living with an Ostomy? View the following information resources from Inner Good: