VISCOPASTE PB7 Medicated Paste Bandage | Smith & Nephew 4948 | 7.5cm x 6cm | 1 Item




ViscoPaste PB7

Smith & Nephew 4948 | Zinc Paste Bandage | Size: 7.5 cm x 6 m | 1-Each

VISCOPASTE PB7 bandage is made of open woven cloth impregnated with a paste containing 10 % Zinc Oxide BP rolled onto a plastic core. It also contains Purified Water BP, Glycerol BP, Cetostearyl alcohol BP, Cetomacrogol BP, White Oil BP, Guar Gum, Xanthan Gum, Methyl p-hydroxybenzoate BP, and Propyl p-hydroxybenzoate BP. Each bandage is presented in a wrapper and sealed in a polythene bag contained in a cardboard carton. VISCOPASTE PB7 provides topical treatment. It provides a moist wound-healing environment over a leg ulcer, helps to reduce skin irritation and soothes and protects surrounding skin. It will not dry out in use.VISCOPASTE PB7 is for use as a topical treatment only. It is indicated to assist the management of venous leg ulcers. Where venous insufficiency exists, the paste bandage should be used under graduated compression bandaging. VISCOPASTE PB7 is also suitable for use in the treatment of chronic eczema/dermatitis, where occlusion is indicated. This product is ready for use upon removal from the sealed pouch and wrapper.

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