DURAFIBER Ag Absorbent Non-Woven Silver Dressing | Smith & Nephew | 66800582 | 2cm x 45cm | Box of 5

S&N Durafiber Ag Dressing Canada




DURAFIBER Ag Absorbent Gelling Fiber Dressing and Silver

Smith & Nephew 66800582 | Size: 2 x 45 cm | Box of 5

DURAFIBER Ag is an absorbent, nonwoven, silver containing antimicrobial dressing composed of cellulose ethyl sulphonate fibres. The ionic silver in the dressing provides antimicrobial activity against a broad spectrum of common wound pathogens which may help to reduce bacterial bioburden and the risk of infection.


  • High wet strength and structural integrity
  • Effective exudate management
  • Uncompromising patient comfort
  • Assured dressing efficiencies


  • Clean one-piece removal
  • Low risk of fibre shed and dressing residue
  • Minimal pain and trauma for the patient on dressing removal
  • High absorption and retention capacity
  • Minimal lateral wicking – helps protect peri-wound skin against the risk of maceration
  • Locks in fluid and harmful bacteria – may help prevent the risk of cross contamination on removal
  • Gentle conformable gel matrix
  • Helps promote patient concordance
  • Reduces dead space where bacteria may proliferate
  • Unique anti-shrinkage properties
  • Minimal shrinkage when wet – may help sustained coverage
  • Maintains a favourable moist wound healing environment
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