Aquacel® Ag Ribbon Dressing – Hydrofiber® Dressing with Silver, Sterile | 1 cm x 45 cm | ConvaTec 420128





AQUACEL® Ag Ribbon Dressing – Hydrofiber® Dressing with Silver 

1 x 45 cm  |  Box of 5 | Product No. 420128

aquacel ag | convatecAquacel Ag line of dressings is a versatile primary dressing incorporating the unique gelling action of Hydrofiber® Technology for the management of exuding wounds. The Aquacel Ribbon Dressing is a bactericidal absorbent Hydrofiber® dressing with Strengthening Fiber and Ionic Silver.  It features a .39 inch width for packing smaller wounds. Ideal for packing smaller tunneling wounds, abscesses, sinus wounds and fistulas.

Aquacel Ag | Ribbon Dressing Application Video by ConvaTec

Watch how Aquacel Ag Ribbon Dressing is applied to a cavity wound in this helpful demonstration. See the strengthening fibers of Aquacel Ag in action.


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