Intimate Rose Flora Bloom Probiotics for Women for BV | 60 Capsules

Intimate Rose Flora Bloom Probiotics for Women for BV | 60 Capsules


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Intimate Rose Flora Bloom Feminine Probiotic for BV

60 Capsules

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Flora Bloom Probiotics for Women contains prebiotics & probiotics designed to promote vaginal pH, digestion, and help avoid bacterial vaginosis. Our delayed-release capsule and prebiotics help the probiotics survive longer. In addition, we added Cranberry and D-Mannose to support urinary tract health.

  • Supports Vaginal pH for Odors and Infection Caused by BV
  • Supports Digestion with a Prebiotic and Probiotic Blend
  • Safe for Pregnancy & Breastfeeding
  • Delayed Release Capsule For Long-Lasting Results
  • Urinary Tract Support

Suggested Use

For optimal results take 1 capsule twice per day. These capsules should be taken with food. Maintaining a consistent routine will help you make the most of the supplement’s benefits. Flora Bloom is also safe for both pregnancy and breastfeeding. For best results with vaginal pH, odor, and irritation, use with Intimate Rose Boric Balance vaginal suppositories.

How It Works

Flora Bloom Probiotics contains four different probiotic strains that support digestion and gut health. It also includes prebiotics that help the probiotics survive not only in the large intestine but throughout the entire digestive tract and down to the vaginal canal. This asist the body to regulate pH, reduce odor, and defend against infections, including bacterial vaginosis and group B strep. As a result, it is an ideal and safe choice for women, specially during pregnancy.

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