StomaGenie | 18mm | STO-12012P | Box of 10

StomaGenie | 20mm | STO-12013P | Box of 10




StomaGenie | 18mm (3/4″) | STO-12012P | Box of 10

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StomaGenie® disposable pouch replacement cartridges absorb stoma output during your pouch change.

What is the StomaGenie®?

The StomaGenie® is an innovative Pouch Replacement cartridge. The disposable cartridges absorb stoma output while you change your pouch, making it a stress-free and hygiene-friendly experience. It works with both one or two piece pouching systems and can be adapted for sensitive or irritated skin.

  • Helps to stop leakage that can irritate skin or ruin clothing.
  • Makes the process more hygienic, less stressful and faster.
  • Gives more time to prepare skin, for healthier peristomal skin and improved seal.

How to use:

Step 1: Prepare Supplies

Step 2: Remove Pouching System

Step 3: Cover Stoma & Contain Output

  • Wipe off stoma if needed.
  • Place StomaGenie over stoma to contain output during change
  • Inspect skin around stoma for rashes or skin irritation

Step 4: Clean & Dry Skin

Step 5A: Replace Two-Piece Pouching System

  • Slide flange down the StomaGenie, and press firmly against your skin, smoothing out adhesive backing from bottom to top.
  • Remove StomaGenie and apply new pouch.

Step 5B: Replace One-Piece

  • Remove StomaGenie and apply new one-piece pouching system.

How to use with a 1 Piece System

How to use with a 2 Piece System

How to use the Hands Free Mount

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