Convatec 421641 | Natura Two Piece Convex Skin Barrier with Accordion Flange | White | Cut-to-Fit 13mm-35mm | Box of 10

Convatec 421641 Natura Durahesive Convex Cut-to-Fit Skin Barrier with Accordion Flange HC Medium 57mm / 35mm | canada



Natura® Convex Skin Barrier with Accordion Flange

Convatec 421641  |  Durahesive Convex Skin Barrier 57mm |  Cut-to-Fit 13mm-35mm  |  Hydrocolloid Tape Collar |  Box of 10

The Natura Convex skin barrier with accordion and cut-to-fit opening is designed to make pouch application easier and more comfortable.

The Natura Convex skin barrier with accordion flange lifts easily to provide generous finger room so coupling is easy and comfortable.

Natura convex skin barriers are:

  • Comfortable and discreet
  • Simple to measure and cut
  • Compatible with a range of Natura pouch options
  • Available in Durahesive with acrylic or hydrocolloid tape collars

Benefits of Convexity

Convex skin barriers are designed to push down on the peristomal skin to protrude the stoma so that output is emptied into the pouching system.

  • Furnish peristomal skin protection by providing a sustained and predictable wear time
  • Helps maintain a secure seal between the pouch and the skin
  • Helps protect from leakage and peristomal skin breakdown
  • Helps the wearer feel more comfortable and secure
  • Provides simple-to-use stoma care
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