Nu-Hope Liquid Adhesive w/Applicator | NUH 2400 | Glue | 4oz

Nu-Hope 2400 - Liquid Adhesive w/Applicator



Nu-Hope Adhesive Glue

Nu-Hope Liquid Adhesive w/Applicator | NUH 2400 | Glue | 4oz (Non-Refundable)

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Nu-Hope Adhesive has many uses. It’s a natural rubber-based, pressure-sensitive adhesive. It can be used to waterproof the skin to protect from bodily fluids, to obtain a stronger bond to the skin, waterproof the edge of the barrier, and even to re-use certain Nu-Hope urinary pouches.

Bonding the pouch to the skin. Use Nu-Hope Adhesive to obtain a better bond to the skin due to skin oils, scar tissue or poor stoma location.

Peristomal skin protection/waterproofing. Protect peristomal skin when using an oversized opening pouch around a stoma. (If your stoma is smaller than the opening on your pouch).

Waterproof the inner edge of the barrier. In order to protect the barrier and increase wear time, you can waterproof the inner edge of the barrier. This protects the barrier from stomal output.

Use a silicone-based adhesive remover to remove buildup.





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