Coloplast 12384 | Assura 2 Piece Closed Pouch | Coupling Green 40mm | Opaque | Box of 30

Coloplast 12384 - Assura® New Generation 2-Piece Closed Pouch



Assura New Generation

Coloplast 12384 | Assura 2 Piece Closed Pouch | Coupling Green 40mm (1-9/16″) | Length 22cm (8-1/2″) | Opaque | Box of 30

Spiral adhesive for added security and skin-friendliness, with audible ‘click’

Assura is a 2-piece mechanical coupling system that combines the proprietary spiral adhesive with an audible ‘click’ confirming the pouch is securely attached to the skin barrier.

Product Description

The Assura [New Generation] 2 piece closed bag includes a mechanical coupling, for additional reassurance.
  • The bag is securely attached to the skin barrier using a mechanical coupling system. An audible ‘click’ confirms that the pouch is securely locked to the skin barrier.
  • Before locking the bag, it is possible to turn it until the desired position is obtained, without having to remove it from the skin protector.
  • The bag can be removed from the spiral adhesive skin barrier, allowing it to be changed more often than the adhesive skin barrier.

Assura [New Generation] 2-piece closed is offered with a standard, flat or convex skin barrier. The wide assortment consists of a range of pre-cut skin protectors or whose opening can be personalized, with bags of different formats, opaque or transparent.

Spiral adhesive, for more safety and softness on the skin

Assura spiral adhesive consists of materials designed for added security and protection and assembled in a spiral structure to:
  • adhere securely to the skin
  • absorb moisture from the skin, thus providing a gentle solution for the skin while protecting it against irritation

A comfortable and discreet bag

The Assura 2-piece closed bag has many features ensuring comfort and discretion:
  • Efficient filter: the built-in three-layer filter prevents the risk of bag bloat that can create bumps and neutralizes odors
  • Soft material: resistant and waterproof material, which dries easily after showering or swimming.´
  • Shape adapted to the body: the bag takes the shape of the body, which makes it discreet and comfortable to wear.

Convexity, for difficult-to-manage stomas

Assura [New Generation] 2-Piece Closed is offered with two different levels of convexity, designed to help manage complex stomas, such as a stoma at skin level, retracted or located in a skin fold. It exerts pressure on the peristomal skin, which reduces the risk of leakage while allowing the stoma to protrude.

Light convexity:

Solution for flush to skin or slightly retracted stomas that provides increased safety through light and gentle pressure on the abdomen.


Solution for retracted stomas and deep folds and scars, which provides increased safety through moderate to heavy pressure on the abdomen.

Consult your enterostomal therapy nurse for more information on convexity.

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