priMED PG4-2092 | PRIMAGARD® 120 Surgical Mask

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PRIMAGARD® 120 Surgical Mask

PG4-2092  |  Level 2 Barrier Mask  |  Tie  |  Blue  |  Box of 50

  • Protects both the patient and clinician from fluids and particles generated during surgery.
  • Protects the patient’s surgical site from contamination from the clinician (droplets generated by talking, coughing and more).
  • Full-width, aluminum alloy nose piece will not kink and ensures a secure fit over the nose and across the cheeks
  • Long ties for easy donning and removal
  • Users can adjust the tightness and fit of the mask over a surgical hat or bouffant cap
  • Suitable for surgical procedures where there is a moderate risk of fluid splash
  • All seams are ultrasonically welded
  • Latex free
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