Gel-X Ostomy Absorbent Plus Deodoriser | Gel-X 1060

Gel-X Ostomy Absorbent Plus Deodoriser | Gel-X 1060 | IG | Canada




Gel-X Ostomy Absorbent Plus Deodoriser

Gel-X 1060  |  140 Tablets

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Gel-X is an Ostomy Absorbent that also controls odours.  Each bottle contains 140 tablets. Here are some of the benefits of using Gel-X:

  • Solidifies liquid waste into a gel
  • Promotes healthier peristomal skin
  • Reduces pouch noise
  • Makes emptying easier
  • Helps maintain a lower profile
  • Helps reduce the occurence of leaks
  • Gives greater peace of mind

Gel-X is preferred because it is an accurate yet flexible system. Each tablet gels exactly 150 ml (5 ounces) of fluid. Most people empty their pouch when it reaches 300 to 450 ml (10 to 15 ounces). Gel-X gives you the option to use as little or as much product as meets your needs. Gel-X tablets are easy and convenient to use, just place one or more tablet into the pouch after each emptying. This product is frequently used by:

  • Ileostomates
  • Colostomates
  • Urostomates
  • Nurses who treat fistula patients
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