Pure Encapsulations Ligament Restore | LR1C-C | 120 Vegetable Capsules

Pure Encapsulations Ligament Restore 120 Veg Capsules Innergood Canada



Ligament Restore

120 Veg Capsules

Combines glucosamine sulfate, hydrolyzed collagen type II, amino acids, vitamin C and herbs
  • Maintains healthy cartilage and joints
  • Relieves joint pain associated with osteoarthritis

Pure Encapsulations Ligament Restore 120 Veg Capsules Innergood Canada

Pure Encapsulations Ligament Restore combines ingredients found naturally in tendons, ligaments and joints, including glucosamine sulfate, to help strengthen and support the maintenance and natural repair processes of cartilage. Glucosamine is required for the synthesis of proteoglycans, the molecules responsible for giving tendons, ligaments and cartilage their resiliency and strength. It also helps protect cartilage from the effects of mechanical stress. Sulfate, another component of proteoglycans, works with glucosamine to enhance cartilage repair and regeneration. Glucosamine sulfate promotes cartilage and joint integrity, and helps relieve osteoarthritic joint pain through its chondroprotective and anti-inflammatory effects. A double-blind, placebocontrolled study involving 318 individuals supplementing with glucosamine sulfate for six months indicated statistically significant support for osteoarthritis symptoms, including joint pain and function. BioCell Collagen® II provides hydrolyzed and denatured low molecular weight type II collagen, the most abundant form in the joint matrix. Additionally, it provides a naturally occurring blend of vitamin C, plus the amino acids l-Lysine and l-Proline. Ligament Restore also contains silicon, a mineral naturally found in connective tissue, as well as Devil’s claw and curcumin, herbs traditionally used in Herbal Medicine.

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