Genestra Tonic-gen | 23934 | 15ml Liquid

Genestra Tonic-gen | 23934 | 15ml Liquid




23934 | 15 ml Liquid  |  Phyto-Gen




  • Main Functional Support Regulates cortico-adrenal function

Tonic-gen has a hypophyso-cortico-adrenal action. It stimulates the glandular systems and helps to treat adrenal insufficiency and adrenal burnout through the stimulation of 17-keto adrenal hormones. Tonic-gen regulates the overall adaptation responses for an enhanced sense of vitality and euphoria. It is yang in nature and helps to tonify the nervous and glandular systems for senescence, sexual asthenia and fatigue. It boosts hormone levels and facilitates the adaptogenic response to an overtaxed system.

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