Genestra Ginkgo Bud | 23805 | 15ml Liquid

Genestra Ginkgo Bud | 23805 | 15ml Liquid



Ginkgo Bud

23805 | 15 ml  Liquid




A herbal formula with Ginkgo Bud extract

Gingko Bud helps to boost and protect the microcirculation and reestablish healthy vaso-regulatory effects by enhancing capillary permeability and facilitating neo-angiogenesis. It has powerful antioxidant properties to stimulate cellular reoxygenation and quenches free radicals effectively stopping their progression before they lead to tissue degeneration. Ginkgo Bud is an excellent cognitive tonic; it elevates and restores concentration abilities for improved mental alertness and memory retention. It is useful for cerebral insufficiencies and neurosensory disorders.

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